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We are almost 12 years on from the September the 11th attacks in America, and we are at last approaching the point where we can say the right has triumphed in the debate over Islamism in Europe.

This might sound a bit too optimistic to some, but I see the evidence all around. There are no serious, mainstream conservatives or liberals still arguing for the unconditional appeasement of Islam in Europe. A huge wave of European conservative and liberal intellectuals have converted almost wholesale to neo-conservative ideas, or at least those which involve the defence of Western culture. They still don’t want to be American of course, but at last they’re realising that it wouldn’t be a ball to be Iranian, Algerian or Turkish either. The ‘either-or’ fallacy has collapsed and while America bolts leftward, Europe has never been so united in ‘right-wing’ sentiment.

If you cast your mind back just a few years ago, you can appreciate the magnitude and speed of this shift. Think back as late as 2006 when the world was first mesmerised by the oratorical skills of Barack Obama, and consider the then fashionable opinions in Europe regarding the War on Terror. It was still broadly regarded as an idiotic cowboy initiative, and the reasons for it – the threat of radical Islam – was deemed to consist mostly of hype, bloated and promoted by arms manufacturers and straw-chewing Christian fundamentalists. George W. Bush, the great dumb American caricature, was still beloved by comedians and political cartoonists in London, Paris and Berlin. You could still get a laugh by pointing to the verbal errors of the out-going President, or by linking the uneducated twang of his accent to the foreign policy he initiated. The threat of Jihad was not just a lie, but an American lie, and it was patriotic not to believe it.

And look at things now.

With veiled faces multiplying, darkening the romance of Parisian streets, Pakistani paedophiles pimping orphan girls in Oxfordshire, kebab houses degentrifying great swathes of Birmingham, and terror alerts issued in Stockholm, Belgium and Denmark – no European can any longer think it patriotic to deny that this is a problem. One could call it fashionable, one could call it bold, and provocative, but no longer is it patriotism.

The right has won the debate….but only among people of a certain generation.

For the young, the debate is ongoing, and the anti-Islamist side has its work cut out.

One of the reasons it is still a challenge is the ongoing demographic shift among European youth. Not only are Muslims growing in number and influence with each new generation, but they are managing to integrate ‘sideways’ with other immigrant communities; in particular those of Christian black Africans. Islam is becoming respected on the street even by Christians, as a natural part of third-world identity. Islam, and even Islamism, is increasingly viewed as being as much a victim of ‘the system’ (and a cool enough means of rebelling against it) as hip-hop and gangsterism.

This is a cause for concern for anyone who understands where the real cultural power lies these days.

When a Counter-Jihad activist watches a good Mark Steyn or Pamela Geller video on YouTube, they might well feel a sense of relief that the “the message is getting out there.”, and that “People are waking up…”

But such a feeling can’t survive a glance at the view count for these clips. The figures are usually at best around the 10-15,000 mark.

Even videos of the late Christopher Hitchens, one of the most popular and media-friendly intellectuals of recent memory, rarely score views over 100,000. Pat Condell, the atheist commentator maxed out on less than 4 million views with a video that was uploaded more than 3 years ago. This is nowhere near sufficient.

Notice also that the ‘video demographics’ reveal a majority of viewers to be over the age of forty.

None of that data bodes well for the future.

Elsewhere on the cultural map, if Lil Wayne or Rihanna release a new music video, views can head toward 100,000,000 within weeks.

Who’s to say that in the future, there won’t be a Rihanna in a headscarf, or a Lil Wayne with a prayer-cap? Were that to occur, the number of people educated by the Counter-Jihad community over the last ten years, would be cancelled out by the number of younger citizens gained over period of hours. And then the offices at the Daily Telegraph could go as crazy as they like; it wouldn’t matter one jot to the younger generation. They would accept a Muslim Rihanna as perfectly natural – as well as historically and culturally consistent. The third-world in the White man’s world is one-world after all – all distinctions or divisions fall away, disappear…..

And who is to blame for this?

I, as a young person, would nominate the ethno-nationalists; people who maintain that there is no qualitative difference between foreign cultures, and that all are equally undesirable. Only European, White culture is acceptable. All else is an invasion or a surrender.

We cannot win against Islamism if we surrender to this kind of catch-all racism.

We should be glad that groups like the EDL and SION have made a start at unifying world cultures in a defensive phalanx, rather than, as the BNP would do, scattering us all like birdseed to be eaten separately.