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“I’m actually in favour of immigration, but not Muslim immigration. I just don’t think we have to let in people who are hostile to modernity.”

“They’re not. It’s just some who let the side down. Most of them want to escape their religion by coming here.”

This kind of dialogue should be pretty familiar to anyone residing in London, or any other great Western city. The conversation – regarding the suitability of Muslim residence in the non-Muslim world – almost always ends in a polite stalemate – neither side having budged, and with no-one having benefited.

This is understandable enough, I suppose, since the misunderstanding behind the latter statement is acute and based in a wholly alternate reality. Those who believe it almost certainly reside in areas with little or no Muslim presence. These are people – whose troop includes some of my closest friends – who believe that the Muslims walking around London they do see, draped in religious clothing and sporting veils and beards, are doing so for the same reasons as a Chelsea hipster wears an African skirt; harmless ‘identity-fashion’ in other words, or the means to make an edgy but non-political ‘cultural statement’.

Beneath that garb, they generously imagine, the Muslims are actually perfectly modern, if not slightly postmodern. They are just like you and me. All of that talk of hellfire and infidels is no more threatening or sincere than the trend for retro haircuts in Camden suggests a longing for the conservatism of the 1950s. They do it just to remember where their ancestors came from, but other than that, they couldn’t care less about who runs the country, or along which culture’s lines..


Wait for it….  These people are wrong.

We in the activist community have read well enough to know this is liberal thinking at its most uninformed. Muslims do not come to London to become British any more than the English puritans sailed to America to become Cherokee. They are coming rather to ‘improve’ what they see as a decrepit and worn-out civilisation, and carry with them a solution to our moral malaise so horrible and certain-of-itself that we must either banish it wholly or submit to it in full. 

Reflecting on this earlier today, I was actually quite thrilled to read of the so-called ‘Muslim Patrols’ that are reported to be stalking East and North London. In case you haven’t read or heard about it, these are groups of Saudi-style morality-police composed mainly of unemployed volunteers, who are going around the area late-at-night snatching alcohol from passers by and shouting misogynist abuse at scantily dressed women.

It would take a quite fanatical devotee of conventional wisdom to write this off as a joke, or as some kind of post-modern performance art (though you can be sure there will be some who claim something like that).

In reality, what we have here is a community absolutely dead-set on eventual power displaying its impatience.

And don’t say it wasn’t inevitable. Everything within these people yearns for a supremacism to match their sense of superiority. Since they imagine themselves to be on the side of the Almighty, the fact that they are living in social squalor, whilst the Jews, Capitalists and homosexuals they despise live in happy plenty must be a constant headache. The need to bring a balance between what they think of themselves and the world as it actually is will compel these people to seek ever-greater influence over our lives until we do something to stop them.

Christopher Hitchens wrote that Bin Laden did the West a ‘huge favour’ on 9/11 by warning its governments and people of the building current of hatred in the Middle East. Such a warning saved the West many years of head-in-the-sand serenity before the chickens really starting coming home and made time for adequate preparation.

I would say that the ‘Sharia patrols’ currently in London are – in the same way – doing more good than bad for our chances as a civilisation. An early warning of a future unbefitting of London’s past.