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Is Barack Obama a Communist?

To answer yes to this question is to risk ridicule, and so most on the right disguise the affirmative response by calling him a socialist instead. Most on the left and many in the centre would say a flat-out no, thinking the idea absurd if not offensive.

But the reality is that not only is Obama a Communist, and an opponent of Capitalism, but he is surely one of the most talented in history – for he has managed to hypnotise even the most Conservative observer into stopping short of saying it.

True, Obama is far from a Communist of the old-style. But then that kind of Communism didn’t work so who would be?

No, Obama, together with our own EU labour movements, belongs very much to the movement of second-wave Communists; people whose philosophy can be backdated to the teachings of the New Left.

The words Socialist and Communist in this sense are not merely ‘connected’ but interchangeable.

How strictly does Obama play it?

Let’s see.

If there was a code of modern Communist conduct, it would probably read something like the following…

  • 1. Never use the word Communist except in order to deny that you are one.
  • 2. Never quote, credit or reference Marx, Lenin, or Trotsky.
  • 3. Treat the accusation that you are a Communist as not only wrong but absurd.
  • 4. Use where-ever possible the words ‘social-democrat’.
  • 5. Link the charge of racism and excessive religiosity to those who accuse you of being a Communist.
  • 6. Talk of ‘unity’ and of ‘one-nation’ governance. Mention ‘ending division’, and ‘bringing people together’ – this will sound much better than collectivism.
  • 7. Construct a borderless ‘nation’ out of the poor. Make the poor of Canada relate -as if by blood and heritage – to the poor of America. Make the poor of America relate to the poor of Europe. Etc…etc…
  • 8. Blame the wealth-creators for having not created enough wealth, the elite for not being elite enough. Ally with those who have not created wealth. Indulge their willful blindness. Appeal to their ego and to the romantic concept of the American ‘working man’ ( never, under any circumstances use the phrases ‘workers’ or working class.)
  • 9. Mark, alongside your nation, any events created to remember the dead of Cambodia, North Korea and the Soviet Union. Behave as if the governmental errors and economic policies behind such deaths are incomprehensible to you.
  • 10. In the same way a pimp tightens his hold around a prostitute, make the working and creative classes dependent on government funding.
  • 11. In terms of foreign policy – if the nation is a third-world or poor country, deal with them kindly, and even when their behaviour prohibits you from allying with them, do not attack them. It will undermine the ‘nation of the poor’ narrative.
  • 12. Divide the aspirational races. Connect together those who lag behind. Bind Hispanic immigrants to poor African-Americans. Divide aspirational Asians and Whites.

If this were the code of conduct for a modern Communist, then Obama plays it pretty close to the book, almost too close.

And it isn’t just America.

An unwritten law in politics dictates that what is in government will fall out of fashion, and what is out of government will come back into fashion. A right-wing government increases the chances of left-wing parties at the next election, and vice versa.  In Europe, although collectivism is out of government, it is very much in fashion. At our next election here in the UK, Labour’s Ed Miliband is favourite to sweep David Cameron’s Tories out of power and the Liberal Democrats into oblivion. In France the Sarkozy government has already given way to the socialist government of Francios Hollande. In Germany, Chancellor Merkel’s days may also be numbered, as left-liberal parties begin to bite at her ankles.


The leader of the free world is leading it alright. But to where…?