About (updated).

Hello. My name is David.

This is an opinion-blog about Islam in Europe. 

Although my opinions might sometimes appear ‘conservative’, I am, so my friends would argue, consistently liberal.

Ordinarily speaking, minorities, be they of an ethnic, sexual or religious kind, do not concern me. Muslims however have made themselves a loud exception not only to my liberalism, but to that of millions of otherwise progressive men and women across the world.

I am not a racist.

Islam scares me. It threatens everything I live for. If you don’t feel the same, please let me try to change your mind.

I write all my own content.

Basic Info

Name: David.

Age: 31.

Ethnic origins: Multiple.

My email is defendthemodernworld@rocketmail.com

Europe is precious and worth saving.

51 thoughts on “About (updated).”

  1. kafircrusaders said:

    enjoying reading your posts. keep up the good work. i have added you to my blogroll

  2. peterklok said:

    I am posting you on my Facebook

  3. breathnach said:

    like your site and have signed up also with jihaid watch as will. keep up the good work. I live in Ireland and Islam is taking over here to even in the most smallist towns.

  4. I just want to mention I am newbie to blogging and honestly loved your blog. Almost certainly I’m going to bookmark your blog post . You actually have perfect articles. Many thanks for revealing your web-site.

  5. I used to be very happy to find this internet-site.I wanted to thanks on your time for this wonderful learn!! I definitely enjoying every little little bit of it and I’ve you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you blog post.

  6. How did you make this blog site look this sick. Email me if you want and share your wisdom. !

  7. No BULL CRAP and well crafted, thanks much with the post

  8. Hi David

    I have only recently discovered your blog. Your understanding of the threat posed by Islam (note, I did not use the useless euphemism “Islamism”) in western liberal democracies is profound. I believe that it is currently one of the most significant threats to the West, although the savage sectarian war is distracting them for the moment. It is tragic and frustrating that the polemicists on the Left encourage the spread of Islam through migration & are ignorant of the repercussion of growing proportions in communities.

    As an Australian, I am appreciative of your account of the 2005 Cronulla “uprising” when a very mainstream Aussie beach community literally “drew a line in the sand”. You are extraordinarily well informed about what happened at that time. I live in another beachside suburb & recall being perplexed and alarmed by the sudden appearance of leering, troublesome Lebanese youths on one of our beaches & in the shopping strip. It was clearly part of a “push” by this group. Only the good burghers of Cronulla & their offspring made a stand, and have ever since been reviled as “rednecks” by the Left & the media. I have always felt that Cronulla did the “heavy lifting” for the rest of Sydney. Cronulla & our other beachside suburbs have never been threatened since.

    I really appreciate your blog & look forward to your perceptive comments about our struggle to maintain our values & lifestyle.

  9. I have to admit to being pretty right-wing myself – but we have the same main aim! 🙂

  10. Racist cunt

    • Short, direct and very eloquent.

    • Hello,
      may I suggest you use some of your welfare payments to buy a dictionary? Islam is a belief system with a thick rope of politics running through it, masquerading as a religion. As such, it is not a race. Therefore abhorrence of its principles cannot be called racism. Forgive me if English is not your first languages and therefor your comprehension of the language is dulled.

  11. Michael Fitch, Jr. said:

    Following. One of the easiest decisions I made today.

  12. I’ve just discovered your blog via your follow of mine and I admire the clarity of your thoughts and your writing. Just a little caveat: I wouldn’t call you Islamophobic. A phobia implies an irrational fear, and there’s nothing irrational about opposing the spread and influence of Islam on Western society. We need to think about coining a new term.

    Since I’m in Israel I had a look at your Israel-tagged posts – I wish I’d written them myself!

  13. Thanks for the follow. Blessings

  14. scrapTheBBC said:

    I don’t agree with everything you say but still I believe you are coming closer to the truth about what is generally wrong with the modern world than any website I’ve yet come across. Keep on blogging!

  15. I happily stumbled upon your blog last night and spent a considerable length of time going through the archived posts. I knew almost immediately that I would be adding your blog to my list of ‘favourites’ but, before I got around to doing so, and in a brief moment of distraction, my 7 year-old (who had snuck out of bed) closed the page. The history setting was turned off and I hadn’t committed the blog name to memory. Let’s just say the time and effort it took to find your blog again (the better part of 30 minutes) was well worth the effort and a testament to how highly I regard your writing. I hope you continue penning your thoughts here for a long time to come.

    Simone (Australia)

    • Simone, I’m flattered by your kind words and I’m delighted you enjoy reading my posts. I’ll certainly continue for as long as I’m able.

      ps. I love Australia (just thought I’d add that). I’d much rather be there than here.

  16. Being in the USA, we are separated by an ocean in distance, but we are next to each other on keeping our country Our Country, not Their Country. It us a misguided religion, but it is their faith and you don’t change a person’s faith with logic. You just have to keep them separated from your world, are win the war they force you to fight.

    Nice work. May you by successful in your efforts.

  17. I m sure that you cant be illiterate enough to make the mistake of mistyping “defend the mediaeval world” instead of the “modern world”. Or is it only that you need to highlight “Islamic” brutality in terms of homophobia, sexism n other forms of abhorring ideas?

  18. Hello, DTMW.
    For quite some time now I have become increasingly concerned, like you, about the Islamification of the west. It seems that all those who do have any influence in this country – politicians, media etc, are simply blind to the ever-increasing ‘stealth’ takeover of Europe. My question is: when is someone going to start speaking out publicly and start taking action? I realise that anyone who does is immediately branded a bigot, so feel that it needs a concerted effort by intelligent, rational people to get the ball rolling. Any ideas?

  19. It’s good that you have created this blog.

    You are unusual because of your age. Most counter jihadists are 50+.

    I normally despair when I discuss islam with the under 40’s here in England.
    Almost everybody is indoctrinated with the multi-culti meme enforced in their “education”. It’s frightening.

    Keep on blogging. You are an exception. 🙂

  20. Dein Blog ist sehr gut (ich schreibe deutsch, da du ja eine deutsche Freundin hast. Die kann mich übersetzen, lol). Die meisten islamkritischen Blogs, die ich kenne, sind ziemlich ermüdend und niveaulos, begnügen sich damit, irgendwelche muslimischen Untaten zu kompilieren. Es fehlt ihnen an intellektuellem Format. Da ist dein Blog eine erfreuliche Ausnahme.

    • Wir danken Ihnen für die freundlichen Worte , Stefan . Ich bin sehr glücklich Sie meine Arbeit genießen . Es ist schön, positive Antworten zu bekommen.
      Ich finde Ihr Land faszinierend. Meine Freundin lebt in Düsseldorf . Sie kommt nach London viel und versuchte, mich zu Deutsch unterrichten. Ich schreibe dies durch Google Translate , wie mein Deutsch ist immer noch schrecklich.

      Ich hoffe, dass Frau Merkel wird bald gewählt. Es wäre eine Tragödie für Ihre Nation, überwältigt werden.

      • Dear David,
        thank you for your answer. I myself am from Düsseldorf, in my humble opinion the most beautiful city of the world. Perhaps we can discuss this in the future with an Alt-Bier. I am not very optimistic about Mrs Merkel, it is very difficult to collapse a german Bundeskanzler. But one will see.
        I will read your Blog continousely, If you come to Straßburg, send me a mail, and we can make a date.
        Best wishes from Stefan Weiß

      • Sounds good.

  21. I write at New English Review (newenglishreview.org) and I read at many counter jihad sites and I just want to say that your writing is well-crafted and usually grammatically correct, which makes you a pleasure to read. Many thanks for your fine short articles and the sentiments that they express.

  22. I am a liberal too. I used to work in an anti-racist organisation and was a devoted savior of refugees, migrants and other deprived or suffering groups. Until a friend of mine was raped and my PC friends urged her not to file a complaint, since the perpetrator might be deported as a consequence. After the rise of Sharia4Belgium I started reading a lot about islam, and honestly, I became frightened too. Also creeping sharia is rampant here: halal food in the schools, names of christmas, eastern changed, teachings about crusades and holocaust abolished etc. etc. And our beautiful medieval towns look more and more like Karachi. Just like you, I am not a racist. But I would like Europe to keep its own particular character and values.

  23. Anonymous said:

    Hello David,
    Ice recently discovered this guy called Milo Yiannopoulos. I’m sure you’ve heard of him too. He makes a compelling argument for Trump for President of which from previous posts I know you agree. His approach is entertainingly provocative and opens up a new faction of the right which I find appealing (and for the first time in my my life) “cool”. Would love to read a piece on him from you.

    • Hi Adam,
      Yes, I’ve been paying close attention to Mr Yiannopoulos for a while now. He’s very entertaining and extremely competent in debates. I shall certainly think about writing about him. Thank you for the suggestion.

  24. Musa Khan said:

    If there is one bad apple in the orchard do you chop it down David? Your views on Islam made me physically sick, I have a degree in comparative theology, B.A.Hons. For 43 1/2 years I have never found a religion in the western world where in any church, hall, fellowship, that has connected me to God. My relationship was always private and personal, and when he answered my questions, he did so in a way I could not miss. The bibles have been edited, cut, pasted, mistranslated, all with one view, manipulation of sheep. on the 24/7/2016 I sat and talked with a normal guy, as equals, he was Muslim, and didn’t wear a vest packed with explosives. Point for point he matched every question and came back with one of his own. We laughed, being an educated man I realised that apart from being called a Muslim, I was 99.99% in practice living as a Muslim. I left him and went for a walk, I asked God a question, “OK, I said, you’ve made you’re point, but if this is what my life is, then give me a sign.” I’m not sure what happened next, I found myself in front of a beautiful old church, pleasing to look at, but Godless. That was my answer. I now follow Islam, a religion, no, a way of life that is of peace and love, and the Quran, a book that is full of beautiful lessons, has never been altered in 14 centuries. There are people once of a western world, much like myself, who now follow Islam, the Quran, and the will of Allah, for the record, groups like ISIS are not ISLAM. All they seek is power. So thank you for your opinions, you’ve proven in one article the western world is full of hatred, and evil, because you’re scared of something you couldn’t begin to understand. And I didn’t go looking for your website, google images brought it up whilst I was searching for an image. For the first time in my life, you’ve mad me regret the first 43 years of my life, so thank you for that.

    You have yourself a wonderful day now.

    • There is not ‘one bad apple’. The whole orchard is quickly going rotten. Do you read the newspapers? Every day there is a new bad apple exploding somewhere.

    • Perhaps, as you like analogies,….. I have a bag of lovely sweeties. But several of them have been contaminated with typhoid. You can’t tell by looking which ones. I offer one to your little daughters. Would you let them take some of my sweeties?

  25. Hello David,
    I would like to say how refreshing it is to find a blog where someone is clear sighted enough to identify what I see as a severe threat to Western Culture. Many races and religions have migrated to the UK and settled admirably. We don’t make windows into men’s souls, so their private beliefs remain just that, providing they observe our laws and customs. However, Islam, is not like that. It has ensured that any country where it is the majority belief, is unable to progress on any front. They then emigrate to countries that are wealthy by comparison, creative and free. They then proceed to change their new host into exactly that which they left. I am reminded of a parasite.

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