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Dear all,

I have collected a number of articles into a downloadable kindle book now on Amazon. I would be grateful if some of you would purchase a copy and leave a kind review. Though most of the content is already featured on this site, a purchase in lieu of a donation would be a nice gesture.

According to wordpress, I have now written 350 articles, enough content for many individual books. To be perfectly honest, I am still uncertain of what I want to do with my life. Writing is something I feel that I’m good at, but whether it is financially viable is another matter. This blog will be a test case. I don’t want to put a donation button on the site (as most blogs eventually do) as I am not a charity worthy of ‘funding’. I write purely out of concern for my civilisation. Nevertheless, I am a young graduate on a sinking continent and any support or reward is greatly appreciated.

There is obviously no obligation (how could there be?), and I will continue writing for my initial motivations.

Thank you for whatever support you have given me over the last 2 and a 1/2 years.


Does It Have to Get Worse to Get Better?


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An argument beloved by the extremes of the right-left spectrum proposes that the short-term success of the opposing side is ultimately good for their own; in other words, that the dystopia they intend (ultimately) to make impossible has first to occur before it can be permanently forbidden.

In our case, this would be to say that the Islamisation of Europe has to quicken, the terror attacks multiply and the general abuse of our population intensify if we are to prevent a future in which such events cannot be opposed at all.

I suppose as arguments go, this one has a whispering, seductive quality to it. To a youthful and excitable temperament especially, easily thrilled by the idea of civil unrest and bad news, it will seem an obviously fine idea, since it guarantees (in fact requires) action and blood, broken glass and the rumble of boots.

But does it really hold water?

Well, today, following a Ramadan sermon by the shaggy beatnik “Caliph” Al-Baghdadi, terrorists have attacked civilians in three different countries. In Tunisia, Gunmen massacred at least 37 tourists relaxing at a beach resort. In France, some poor soul has been murdered, his head left – covered in Arabic script – on a spike. And in Kuwait, the perennially despised Shia have been blown up while praying in a Mosque.

All of the attacks are thought to be the actions of the Islamic State.

This triptych of evil certainly says something about the expansion of IS’s reach. And I think we can all agree that it qualifies as things ‘getting worse’. But have we been empowered by this day of carnage? Are we in a stronger position now than yesterday? I’m not so sure.

Most of the people intelligent enough to understand the reality of Islam already understand it. Faced with the daily progress of Jihad, you would have to be blind, deaf, mute and stupid to resist the conclusion that Islam is violent. And once that main point is understood, further outrages become progressively less shocking.

For this reason I doubt today’s events will have changed anybody’s mind. At least in the West…

In the nation of Tunisia, I think some progress will be made in the coming weeks. Although the point is often exaggerated by eager multi-culturalists, the Tunisians really are a more liberal, relaxed, ‘European’ people than their neighbours. Images of the city afflicted by today’s massacre (Sousse) remind me of destinations in Sicily and Greece. Only the captions below reveal their African location.

As one would expect, this reputation is jealously guarded by Tunisian liberals for whom an event like today’s must be infuriating. While they are in this mood, and should they stumble across this site, I would like say the following – The elimination of Islam from your country is the only failsafe cure for the misery that oppresses you. You have a beautiful Mediterranean homeland, one that many Westerners could be made jealous of. Be bold and change your allegiance while you still have a culture worthy of the name.

As for us in the West, the ‘things have to get worse before they get better’ argument is contradicted (repeatedly) by reality. Van Gogh’s stabbing didn’t bring us any closer to a solution. Lee Rigby didn’t. Rotherham didn’t. Charlie Hebdo didn’t. Today’s events won’t either. The attention span of the average Westerner is diminishing with every fresh atrocity, just as one would logically expect it to.

To rouse people into direct and decisive action will take initiative. It is no use waiting around for things to reach rock-bottom, and then like a phoenix, bounce back to a previous vitality. That is simply not realistic.

If you have the gift of organisation, organise a protest. If you have the gift of eloquence, write letters, start a blog or compose a petition. And when it is asked of you to state your grievance and preferred solution, be open and unafraid about it. Tell them you wish to preserve the Britain of comedy, poetry and freedom, and resist a Britain of Salat, Sawm and Jihad.

Keep the faith in victory too. When the future exerts its terrible pressures, our house shall stand. Theirs shall fall.  


Machismo and Survival.


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I’ve always rather enjoyed the phrase (used by gun rights activists in the US) – “The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.” It’s very accurate by itself, but can also be refitted with a broader meaning – “The only thing that can stop the aggression of the bad, is the aggression of the good.”

I used to find the word ‘machismo’ very irritating. Accused of being possessed by it would have seen me (rather ironically) get quite aggressive. To my undeveloped understanding, machismo was synonymous with stupidity, tactlessness, ignorance and barbarism. I would reflexively connect it in my mind to memories of schoolyard bullies and angrily illiterate rap fans, to visions of ugliness, and to smells of cheap aftershave and special brew.

But it’s not like that, is it? It is a precious energy devoted entirely to our well-being and success; an instinct, so to speak, with our best (highest) interests at heart. It is a terrible shame I didn’t discover this when I was younger and better placed to take advantage of it. Now 31, I am lumbered with a thousand regrets.

So many confrontations backed out of, now impossible to barge back into. The shit I took, that we all took, from Muslim thugs stomping around campus. The bullying, the sexual intimidation of girls…

In moments of inner weakness, machismo blocks all the exits, forcing you to carry on until the source of unease is vanquished. It is the conscience of self-esteem, the mind’s natural defence against victimisation. It is different from pride, being a unique and carefully designed symptom of masculinity alone. It is the more accurate and satisfying name for ‘chivalry’, ‘self-sacrifice’, ‘heroism’ and all the other romantic and vague terms of old.

And today, informed by the screeds of feminism and social democracy, one would think it was the worst thing that could afflict a man. On the micro as on the macro, this delusion has feminised us.

One might say – as I’m sure many will as the day of compulsory surrender draws near – that the West and its limp-jointed people deserve to be overtaken and conquered by Islam; that we have gone too far astray from the rule of natural law, that the reanimated zombies of Islamic history are acting more in accord with what matters, and so have earned the right to replace us.

And they may be right, I have to say. But I still feel sad about it.

I see the rejection of manliness ravaging everything I care about. I see a cerebral and virtuous civilisation running low on the hormones of lust and indignation necessary to preserve itself, to defend itself against those who have machismo and nothing else.


The Politics of Irrelevance.


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Gay marriage has been legalised in all 50 states of America. Jubilation is conquering the social networks. Celebrities are popping open extra bottles of champagne. The religious and conservative are bemoaning the imminent destruction of the country, if not the world.

My view? None of this matters… and that was always the point.

Gay marriage is part of the politics of irrelevance (POI), a very deliberate side-show performed in democratic countries to distract voters from a lack of real choice.

In America, the POI usually concerns things like flag-burning laws, school meals, the death penalty debate, prayer in schools and cannabis law reform.

Airy and light topics like these are easy to speak passionately about. It is easy and respectable to take a different side on any of these matters to your core electorate, even to your best friend or partner.

By contrast, real politics, real life and death issues – China, immigration, foreign policy, Islam etc… – are more difficult for the actors in a phoney democracy to speak freely about.

Since politicians in the West want to get elected more than anything else, they won’t lay out a concrete position on substantial issues for fear of diminishing their vote. Instead, they will practice a very developed (almost artisan) kind of hypnosis – dancing a merry dance around the subject and climaxing with a very vague (but complete sounding) answer.

America would change dramatically if the politics of irrelevance was no longer an option. Politicians would then be forced to take a stand on real, flesh and blood topics. Career politicians would be weeded out almost immediately. The mind-numbing centrism of the modern US would give way to a sharp divide, providing the people with genuine choice.

There is a reason Fox news and MSNBC exist. In Britain, we call it ‘Punch and Judy politics’ (Punch and Judy are the titular characters of a traditional puppet show – popular in English seaside towns – in which each character beats the other with a stick). The kind of politics so loudly combative and dumbed down that everyone can understand it – everyone except the genuinely informed. Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity are not real journalists. They are cartoon characters – Mrs Liberal and Mr Conservative, and they fight exclusively about the irrelevant.

But what happens when the irrelevant can no longer be made to seem relevant? We may soon find out.

Gay marriage has now gone. Flag burning legislation was worn out years ago. Cannabis is being steadily legalised… The authentic is primed for a comeback, and that could be explosive.

The long sleep of the real has provided protective cover to profound failures of government. It has deadened the limbs of the libertarian majority, who when woken may throw off the establishment, both right and left. Phoney politics has postponed argument over the relationship between Islam and Islamist terrorism, the increasing use of the Spanish language in a traditionally English-speaking nation, government surveillance of law-abiding citizens, suicide rates among army veterans, the Mexicanisation of the pacific South-West, the national debt, trade imbalances with China and India, and a whole variety of real, consequential topics.

American politics is due for a makeover.


Races at War in America.


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The mass-shooting at a Black church in South Carolina will have been deeply saddening for anyone who admires the culture of the United States. The perpetrator, Dylann Storm Roof – as ugly and pathetic in appearance as his deeds are in the imagination – deserves (and will surely receive) the death penalty.

But even before this specific event, one could hardly fail to notice the loudening drumbeat of animosity between Whites and Blacks in America. Beginning with the disputed circumstances of Trayvon Martin’s death in Florida and provided with boosters in New York, Ferguson and Baltimore, the deterioration of race relations has now reached a crisis point.

There is no reason why this had to happen. Black crime rates (contrary to popular belief) are no worse than normal. Police officers (contrary to popular belief) are not being charged with brutality more often than they were. Racism, though more difficult to measure, hasn’t become noticeably more respectable or more widespread. The crisis must then be due to a wildcard factor. And in my opinion this factor is the rise in black political confidence.

When Barack Obama was elected in 2008, the response in Black communities was hysterical. At long last, sympathetic commentators exclaimed, African-Americans were able to feel like an ‘equal’ and ‘legitimate’ part of American society. No longer could they be dismissed (as they so often had been) as a merely ‘tolerated’ minority group, dependant for their survival on the goodwill of the white establishment. Obama’s election meant Black Americans could finally speak out and demand an equal allotment of respect and dignity – something they were previously shy of doing, fearing the approbation of conservative loudmouths.

With that moment of empowerment, a flood was loosed. All the pent-up stories of indignity and humiliation flowed out on innumerable blogs, twitter accounts, rap lyric sheets and facebook pages. Black people, in euphoric concert, stabbed their flagpole into the soil and demanded the rest of the country adjust and update their behaviours towards them.

In this environment, events that would have previously gone unreported or passed without protest, fell like sparks on tinder. George Zimmerman, now maligned and generally despised, might have remained a little known name if not for the age of Obama. Likewise the Texas cop Eric Casebolt, now in hiding and fearful for his life, might still be at work in any other historical context.

Faced with this rise in Black entitlement, White Americans have been thrown quickly and violently onto the back foot. After riots, hashtag campaigns and endless bouts of admonition from an increasingly authoritarian liberal media, the otherwise polite Middle Classes are beginning to crack. While nothing could possibly justify the hideous murder of praying Christians, the greater context must always be examined.

The historic backdrop to our era is explosive. The White American population, for so long the comfortable masters of their native land, is declining, and declining fast. While Whites are officially due to become a minority in 2042, the real balance of power will switch long before that date. In most major American cities, Whites have been a minority for some time and this is certainly the case in the beautiful (but troubled) ‘Deep South’, the scene of Wednesday’s massacre.

As demographics continue to shift and consequent changes become visible in everyday life, White terrorism (alike Sunday’s massacre) may well become a common feature of American life. And if so, it is likely that this phenomenon will concentrate itself in ex-confederate states, beneath which racist attitudes simmer very close to the surface.

As seems to be the fashion among lone wolf terrorists, the killer at Charleston, Dylann Roof, published a manifesto before embarking on his trail of destruction. He rationalises (or attempts to rationalise) his actions as follows:

“Niggers are stupid and violent. At the same time they have the capacity to be very slick. Black people view everything through a racial lense. Thats what racial awareness is, its viewing everything that happens through a racial lense. They are always thinking about the fact that they are black. This is part of the reason they get offended so easily, and think that some thing are intended to be racist towards them, even when a White person wouldnt be thinking about race. The other reason is the Jewish agitation of the black race… It is far from being too late for America or Europe. I believe that even if we made up only 30 percent of the population we could take it back completely. But by no means should we wait any longer to take drastic action.”

“….To take a saying from my favorite film, “Even if my life is worth less than a speck of dirt, I want to use it for the good of society.””

I find that last quote rather apt. Roof’s life, as it has since been described in the media, would certainly seem to demand a low valuation. The man has prior convictions for possession of methamphetamine, is unemployed and boasts a haircut from the darkest corners of the paedophile underworld. Few people will mourn him when the final plunger is pushed.

What else is there for a European citizen to say about all this?

Well, personally I think it should be remembered (in spite of Wednesday’s events) that the issue of Black on White violence is far more urgent than the reverse. The Charleston massacre is a tragedy, a great tragedy, but thankfully it is of a very rare kind. Unprovoked Black violence on White Americans is an epidemic and must be tackled at the national level.

Nevertheless, unlike between Muslims and Europeans, I see no divide separating Blacks and Whites in America that cannot be bridged, nor any breakage that cannot be repaired. Black people have been an integral part of American culture from its violent colonial beginnings, and cannot be excised from it now. With that in mind, efforts at reconciliation would appear realistic and worthwhile. America is far too mighty to unravel.


Only a Matter of Time: Israel Vs. The Islamic State.


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The military success of the Islamic State terror group has been almost unbelievable. With a numerical strength of just 25,000 (according to the CIA) IS fighters have performed with such efficiency that Kurdish resistors routinely estimate the true figure as being as high as 250,000.

For over a year now, the Islamic State has fought on three fronts. To the East, the State engages Shia Iraqi and Iranian state Militias. To the South, it sees off the Syrian Army and multiple Free Syrian factions. To the North, it grapples with Kurdish groups and allied Western paramilitaries. If this weren’t enough, the State is also bombed around the clock by a coalition of Arab air forces.

And yet, in spite of this, the organisation grows in strength week by week.

Who or what will it take to degrade the power of this demonic entity? The only answer I can think of is the State of Israel.

“Why is it Israel and ISIS haven’t clashed yet?” – This question is asked regularly by conspiratorial types on the internet, the insinuation being that the Jews actually support the terror group, or at least so approve of its actions against Assad that they feel the benefits outweigh the risks.

I suppose the latter idea isn’t crazy. Assad is certainly a sworn enemy of Jerusalem and his (large and threatening) army is being substantially harmed by the conflict. But even so, given the speed of IS’s advance (and also the threat the group poses to Jordan – Israel’s only genuine ally in the region) a confrontation between Israel and IS may ultimately be inevitable.

ISIS are obviously opposed to Zionism and though they deem Hamas to be made up of apostate ladyboys, they do share many of its goals. As the ISIS frontline bulldozes its way down from the Syrian desert towards the Golan Heights, IDF units will have to adopt a more aggressive posture. This will probably start with a live-fire exercise or two in order to deter the terrorists away without engaging them, but that seems unlikely to work. ISIS are anything but cowards. Stimulated with a fanatical lust for the afterlife, the lovers of perpetual Jihad will surely welcome the opportunity to fight a superior foe.

But what would an IS/Israel look like? We can only guess.

I can certainly tell you what I hope it looks like. Dearest reader, I hope it resembles the apocalypse. I hope missiles rain down like hail, leaving deep craters in the desert. I hope Merkava tanks roll over the rubble of knocked down fortifications, their raised guns popping shells into enemy ranks. I hope the Israeli Air force’s reputation for overkill is made to seem naïve. I wish for fire, smoke and obliteration – Biblical precedents of death. I want Left-wing tears, UN panic attacks, desperate pleas for a ceasefire that never comes. I want the conclusive humiliation of political Islam – a knockout counterpunch from the 21st century against the 7th.

Infeasible? Don’t be so sure. With every passing minute, the gap diminishes. With every passing minute, the mouse stumbles closer to the python.


Defending Materialism.


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Westfield Stratford City, Olympic Park, London, UK.Architect: The Buchan Group

Materialism – ma·te·ri·al·ism \mə-ˈtir-ē-ə-ˌli-zəm\. noun, a way of thinking that gives too much importance to material possessions rather than to spiritual or intellectual things.”

Far too often we are told by spiritual types that the Western world is ‘decadent’ or overly ‘materialistic’. Islamists especially delight in badmouthing our ‘self-indulgent’ way of life as soulless, meaningless and amoral, usually with specific reference to the UK and America.

It is high time someone shot back at this tired old critique. Materialism, properly considered, is wonderful. Consumerism is enlivening. Capitalism is ingenious. We should rejoice in these things, even as we preserve our higher beliefs. There is no contradiction to be found here, nor is there a choice to be made. Abundance and refinement can coexist. We know this because they have done for decades.

While it’s perfectly true that I sometimes enjoy leafing through Carlyle’s French Revolution or Huysmans’ À rebours, this is not to say that I don’t also value the cheeseburger or the Dyson Vac. Shopping centres mean more to me than opera houses. I find more worth in shiny electronic goods than in old, overrated paintings.

Being modern is something to be proud of. Technology separates us from the barbarian far more effectively than art or ‘ideas’ do. You can’t repel a Muslim with a sentiment, but you can make short work of him with a stinger missile.

Indeed, Muslims make themselves look even dumber than usual when they use the word ‘decadent’. Perhaps, my Muslim friends, if you spent a little less time indulging your own cultural biases, you might have developed the means to match our economies or resist our militaries. Is it not also decadent to spend every day reading the same book, or commentaries upon that book? It is certainly lazy. It is lazy (and obnoxiously arrogant) to presume you can get ahead in a world of infinite variety by stubbornly remaining the same.

As it turns out, our vulgar materialism, our worldliness, our ‘decadence’, our devotion to the modern and to the future has won through.

Hurrah for our side! 

Ramadan Mubarak to the losers.


The West or Nothing.


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The Western World (Europe, Oceania, Japan, Israel and North America) is so often compared against the dusty wastelands of the Islamic world that a casual observer might think this disparity was an isolated one. It isn’t.

It is a vital truth that the Western world is not only a preferable environment to Planet Sharia, but to all other environments on Planet Earth.

I am writing this post as a self-conscious chauvinist. To me, there is simply no comparison between the relaxed, liberal manners of European culture and the chaotic, antiquated or eccentric alternatives offered by the third and second worlds.

Even those civilisations we can count upon as friends, like China, Africa, Indochina, India and Latin America are dizzyingly inferior to our own. We enjoy very special advantages confined to our range of habitation – advantages hewn violently over centuries, the glistening produce of bravery, rebellion and innovation.

Outside of this luxurious reserve, primitivism and bigotry can be found almost everywhere. In non-Muslim African countries, for example, girls from certain tribes have their breasts ironed flat to delay puberty and sexual development. The process is said to be mind-scarringly painful and is usually performed by the girls mother or grandmother. In democratic India, one particular ‘caste’, the Dalit, are considered ‘untouchable’ due to a perceived (wholly imagined) ancestral wretchedness. Members of this caste are condemned to the most menial professions and forbidden from inter-marrying with members of ‘superior’ categories. Likewise in Brazil – the land of toted post-racialism – the darker you are, the less likely you are to get on in life. With race an impossible concept (due to centuries of mixing) simple colorism – every bit as nasty as race prejudice – wears its clothes.

A majority of non-Western countries, including non-Muslim countries, approve of arranged (forced) marriages. This hideous idea means that young people never get to enjoy the romance of dating, seduction and sexual discovery, but are simply tacked on to a family friendly to their own. Those who rebel against the tradition and date outside their tribe or caste are subject to acid attacks and honour killings.

Speaking of violence, in Mexico (sunny, happy, vacation-friendly Mexico), neighbour of the great United States of America, there are more beheadings per year than in the entire Middle East. I’ll repeat that – in Mexico, there are more beheadings per year than in the entire Middle East. This unbelievable slaughter occurs only a slim river away from the peace and affluence of suburban Texas. By itself, this speaks volumes about the sharpness of contrast under discussion.

Despite the position of the far-right, the West isn’t actually a biological mass. Multiracial, Japanese and Jewish experiments have achieved (or even surpassed) the European standard. In the same spirit, Immigrants to the West can become naturally Western if they so desire, including people from the most Neanderthal backgrounds. Ayaan Hirsi Ali can no longer sensibly be compared to the inhabitants of pre-wheel Somalia, for example. She has become a Westerner, understands this and displays joy and gratitude for it. We all should, however native we consider ourselves.

As to the secret ingredient of the West (the cause of its distinction), I would nominate the legacy of Anti-Traditionalism; the breaking by axe of the formaldehyde jars preserving ancient mistakes. Westerners realise that the solemnities of royalty are a pantomime. We also can’t be impressed by ten-limbed, Elephant-headed deities, Chinese tea-making ceremonies that last 10 hours, competitively obedient wives, Buddhists staring at walls, insect-worshipping Jains or anything else that is completely out-of-place in a century of awesome material potential. The secret of Western success is a devotion to the real.

And only the real is of any worth; only it can be truly inspiring- the shimmer of the sun on skyscraper glass; the colourful stacks of wares at supermarkets the size of football fields. How luxurious and sane our countries have become. We should be prepared to kill millions to protect this.

For me at least, as far as modernity is concerned, the choice is ultimately not the West or Pakistan, but the West or nothing at all.


The Pleasures of Realism.


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One of the joys of being politically incorrect, of being a free-thinker, someone who yields always to the best available evidence is that every day one gets to watch those who think otherwise make exotic mysteries out of obvious truths.

The quote below was shared on my facebook news feed by a liberal contact who is otherwise quite rational. The last time I looked, it had received over 12,000 ‘likes’ and many thousands of adoring endorsements.

“Wow, I wonder why so many cops in so many different cities treat Black People the same way. Almost like there’s some kind of systemic issue.”

To a stodgy, heavy-footed mind, I suppose the logic rings out as perfectly tuneful. Why are police officers so committed to arresting, tackling and disarming black people at a greater rate than other ethnicities? And on a repeated, nationwide scale? Just what do police have against black people?

This reminds me of the pleading of Leftists in defence of our Muslim friends . “Why are we disproportionately taking military action against Muslim countries, as opposed to others?”

“What does the civilised world have against Islam?”

To rent the curtain sustaining both mysteries, let’s deal with these in order – firstly, Black people (on average) commit more crime than any other racial group. This is why there is more police action against Black people than members of other races. This is also why there is more police brutality against Black people than against other races. Since there will always be bad apples in a national police force, and given the greater priority that force is compelled to give to one race, it is statistically more likely the bad apples will fall on them.

Secondly, the Muslim world is the most corrupt, idiotic and barbarous division of the Earth’s landmass. Over 90% of major terror attacks worldwide are committed by Muslims, and Muslim countries accommodate a similarly large percentage of the world’s paramilitaries, dictatorships, civil wars and genocides. That is why the civilised world is compelled to intervene in Muslim countries more than in others.

To concede these things is not to deny that Black Lives Matter, because they do. I love Black people, and I hope that by understanding the root cause of their present misfortune they can take an axe to it. Muslim lives matter too. A child brought up in a Muslim family deserves my sympathy rather than my hatred. But he/she also deserves an honest explanation as to why the Tomahawks and JDAMS seem more naturally attracted to her/his patch of living space than to others.

To avoid any charge of Eurocentric bigotry, I will add that American Caucasians are more likely to be paedophiles than other divisions of the US population (and this is calculated after groups are levelled in size). White people are also fatter on average than other races. They commit more crimes in the area of fraud and finance than any other group, and so on.

As a general principle, reality is a relaxed and pleasure-filled domain. The muscle-tensing stress of having to avoid obvious facts is absent here. One can simply bathe in the unspoilt sun of what is actually taking place. To know why things happen the way they do is at once uplifting and consoling.

The red pill is a euphoriant.


Nobody’s Fool: Appreciating Ann.


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Ann Coulter

Conservative pundits in America are frequently the subject of international ridicule. Judged to be theatrically insincere, eccentric and overdosed on faith, they rarely find an audience outside of their land of origin. Glenn Beck and his style have few fans in French or German conservative circles. Sean Hannity is not a household name in Finnish or Scottish right-wing society, and so on.

I can appreciate the reasons for this. American discourse is unusually brash and provocative, often quite deliberately so. Even if it were attempted, I doubt a weak-tea BBC Newsnight-kind of discussion would attract much attention there. American media is about viewers and advertising. A viewership on the scale required by sponsors can only be earned with fireworks, red cloth and bulls.

But this doesn’t mean that some American conservatives do not have real talent underlying their cable news methodology. One pundit in particular deserves a far more cosmopolitan – or any rate more international – audience than she seems at present to attract.

Despite acres of print arguing otherwise, Ann Coulter is not a ‘joke’ or a ‘novelty act’. She is admittedly a woman, and a blonde, long-legged one at that. I don’t doubt that some of her fanbase are motivated by apolitical factors. But I am not one of them.

I read Ms Coulter’s columns for their dark humour and cutting insight. She is gifted with a rapier wit, Adderall-sharp mind and her knowledge of the gut-workings of the Washington machine is unparalleled. Let me illustrate this with some well-known quotations:

“Muslims are the only people who make feminists seem laid-back.”

“Since Adam ate the apple and let evil into the world, deranged individuals have existed. Most of the time they can’t be locked up until it’s too late. It’s not against the law to be crazy — in some jurisdictions it actually makes you more viable as a candidate for public office.”

“Liberals have managed to eliminate the idea of manly honour. Instead, all they have is womanly indignation.”

“One hundred percent of terrorist attacks on commercial airlines based in America for 20 years have been committed by Muslims. When there is a 100 percent chance, it ceases to be a profile. It’s called a ‘description of the suspect.'”

Some stuffy types might call this tone populist or dumbed-down, but that’s really quite unfair. It is actually the appropriate tone to use when discussing any kind of absurdity. When reality itself becomes self-satirical, mad to the point of losing insight, then the most accurate descriptions of it can only be phrased in comic language.

Humour is also a good means of getting a point across. Where would the anti-Islamisation movement be without the black comedy of Mark Steyn, for example? Some facts are so dark that one must one dust them in irony or laughter to make them palatable.

We are living in a world of beheadings, gays thrown from rooftops, forcible limb amputations and organised political rape. Most people would impulsively avoid knowing about these things. It’s all just too grim and defies too many human assumptions.

But we can’t ignore them. To put our fingertips in our ear canals only guarantees our destruction. The screams have to be heard. And I applaud and value people like Coulter for providing realism with the consolation of wit.



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