Letter to the Jews of Europe.


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Ever since the attacks in Paris, the question of whether you, the Jewish people, are safe in Europe has been hotly debated. The actress Maureen Lipmann, the editor of the UK Jewish Chronicle and numerous other public figures have questioned whether there is any longer a place for you on this continent. Even the Prime Minister of Israel, Binyamin Netanyahu has called for your mass emigration to Israel, citing the same security concerns.

After Copenhagen, the second case in swift succession that a Jewish venue has come under attack by Muslim colonists, more of you than ever will be beginning to wonder if such sentiments are justified.

Europe is in a dire condition. I won’t pretend otherwise. Nevertheless, I think it would be a terrible shame is you were to abandon it and its people to cultural desertification. As has been said by innumerable French intellectuals over the past months, a Judenfrei France is not ‘France’ at all. I would extend that even further. A Judenfrei Europe is not ‘Europe’ at all.

It probably goes without saying that had you never settled in Europe, many of the glories of the continent would never have been possible. In European science, medicine, the arts and political thought, you have been a leading edge ever since your emancipation from the Ghettos.

In the aftermath of Paris, it has not been pointed out enough that the supreme work of modern French literature, ‘À la recherche du temps perdu’ was written by an author of Jewish origin; that the halls of French philosophy are similarly decorated with Jewish achievements; that the economic fortunes of Paris itself are entwined with the security of its Jewish community.

The fear you feel is obviously justified. The Muslim conquest of Europe is proceeding at an accelerating pace and challenges everything we hold dear. Ghettos of violent intolerance are becoming a feature of everyday life, not just in France, but in Britain, Germany and Scandinavia too. From these Ghettos, there will likely be further attacks on the general public and on your community in particular. People will die. Women will be raped. Transport networks will be blown up and trains derailed. Perhaps there will one day be an attack on a French nuclear reactor, sending winds of toxic fallout across the nearest residential sprawl.

You could, of course, flee to Israel and from there watch the descent of Europe with a grinning, “told you so..” schadenfreude – but surely this is a gutterish pleasure befitting a people of far lesser qualities than your own.

I understand there is a demographic war in Israel and that an exodus would bolster the Zionist project, but surely your presence in the powerful nations of Europe also lends itself to that project. If you depart, what will become of your reputation or influence on a continent increasingly populated by those who hate you?

We are told repeatedly by the dispensers of Hasbara that we in the West should ‘stand with Israel’ in her times of peril. And that of course is very proper and correct. We should do. But we should also expect reciprocation.

After all, if you go and Muslims remain, Europe will lose a vital and reliable source of resistance. That will leave the prospects of Jihad much brighter and the likelihood of European survival greatly diminished. Even in Israel, the fallout from an Islamified France or Sweden will be felt. Sweden is already voting to recognise a Palestinian state, no doubt under duress from its swelling Islamic population. Without a Jewish-led opposition to such suicidal policies, Israel might find itself left with only Washington as an ally. In my opinion, it would be extremely dangerous to place all your eggs in the basket of a post-Obama, soon to be minority-majority America. Especially one where even the Republican base increasingly jostles for a more isolationist foreign policy.

So don’t flee. Stay here. Lock arms with us. Fight alongside us and be willing to defend our common values. This is your home as much as anyone else’s.


The Demolition of Nineveh.


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When he established the religion of Islam in 630 AD, the Prophet Muhammad is said to have smashed the statues of ancient Arabic Idols in the territory now venerated as the Masjid al-Haram in Makkah. In doing so, he set an example that would ripple through the ancient Middle East like an earthquake.

Energized by the faith he imparted them, Muhammad’s followers charged the tired-out nations of humanity’s first golden-age, burning or smashing to pieces anything that attracted veneration or that stood for rival theologies. Their justification for this vandalism was the same used by the Prophet; nothing should be venerated except the qualities of God.

Wahhabis take this anti-idolatry stance to the wild extreme. In the modern city of Makkah, the Saudi religious establishment has ordered the bulldozing of numerous buildings venerated by millions of less orthodox believers. This includes the house Muhammad was born in and many other buildings connected with the Islamic Salaf (original or ‘rightly guided’ generation).

What is currently occurring in the ancient Assyrian city of Nineveh is therefore completely in keeping with Islamic theology as promoted by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE.

The Mail has posted pictures today depicting ISIS barbarians smashing statues in an Iraqi museum, some of which date back hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus. The surprised comments in reaction to them are shame-faced. Assyrian activists have been reporting the destruction of Nineveh for some time. The media has been pathetically slow to catch up.

The ancient city of Nineveh, whose ruins are located within the neighbourhood of the ISIS-controlled city of Mosul, was capital of the Assyrian empire and is mentioned throughout the Hebrew Bible. Its famed city walls are on the ISIS hit-list and may be blown up at any time. Should ISIS proceed all the way to Baghdad, the city of Babylon – to the South of the modern capital and an equally famed centre of ancient culture – will be treated the same way.

The question forming from the smoke of this destruction is whether we, the human collective, have any respect for our past, for the treasures that served as mileposts on the way to our present complexity. I do. I think we all should.

Death to Wahhabism. Death to the preachers of nihilism. Death to ISIS.


What About Sikhs and Hindus?


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By far the dumbest Muslim response to Islamophobia is the use of what Leftists (in other contexts) call ‘whataboutery’ – in this case, the claim that many Islamic sins are shared if not exceeded by other, more respected communities, such as Hindus and Sikhs.

Forced marriage in Islam? – “Well yes, but what about the same practice in Hinduism? Why don’t you pick on them?

Head coverings in Islam? – “Well yes, but what about the same practice in Sikhism?”

And so on….

This is invalid for several reasons, but the primary objection is that people can (and do) leave Sikhism and Hinduism without having to fear for their lives. That is quite an important fact and one should never let the Muslims work their way around it. I have never heard of a Hindu being killed for apostasy, nor – given the chaos of ideas and approaches combined in that religion – do I believe a clear-cut apostasy from it to be possible. Hindus and Sikhs maintain their religious beliefs by choice, not by coercion or under the threat of an early demise.

Of course, Hinduism and Sikhism have their imperfections. Tradition of any kind is a retardant that freezes cultures at their least-evolved point in time. I don’t agree with nor do I condone the phenomenon of ‘arranged’ (i.e. forced) marriages in Hindu society. A woman should have the right to marry whomever she pleases. The caste system, propped up by Hindu theology, is similarly idiotic and must be abolished if India is to be taken at all seriously. ‘Castes’ do not exist in reality, and as Sartre put it ‘reality alone is reliable’.

I must declare a bias here. I’ve had something of a soft-spot for Hindus ever since I worked in a bookshop in Leicester before I attended university. My fetish for Indian women has never gone away, nor has my gratitude for Indian medical expertise. After I injured my knee (badly) one time, I was taken promptly to the Leicester Royal Infirmary; arguably the best NHS hospital in the country and staffed almost exclusively by Indian migrants.

I have before me a compendium of Vedic hymns which I often enjoy delving into. The ancient Hindus were gifted in poetry and, unlike much Islamic literature, the canonical texts of Hinduism provide genuine philosophical insight for secular readers.

The flaws of the Islamic religion are often unique to it. Even when they are not, I repeat that they are magnified a thousand times by the fact the faith itself is compulsory, not voluntary. If Islam were only voluntary and the death penalty for apostasy was abolished, then the religion would be much more difficult to distinguish from other Eastern traditions. But then the death penalty is grounded in the Hadith, an authority second only to the Qur’an. This means that no reform is possible without opposing the judgement of Muhammad himself.

I welcome Hindus and Sikhs (in reasonable numbers) into the Western community. Voluntary religions can never be sensibly compared to a totalitarian cult.


Pegida in the UK.


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Yesterday (Saturday, February 28) Pegida UK – the first international affiliate of the German anti-Islam protest group – held their first British demonstration in Newcastle city centre.

The event was well-intentioned enough, as these things usually are, but by the close of the day, it had failed to make a significant point. Though over 800 people had stated their intention to attend the protest on the Pegida UK facebook page, less than 400 made the effort. To compound this, the group was met by a counter-protest of over 2000 people led by the Muslim Scot George Galloway MP. Sensing humiliation, the Pegida members then became violent, jostling with police and resisting the obstruction of security lines. As a result of this behaviour, the press coverage has been uniformly negative.

Why does this kind of thing happen in Britain but not in Germany? Why is it that German Pegida members can conduct themselves in a civil manner and UK supporters can’t? They are ostensibly part of the same movement, with the same ideals, goals and leadership. Yet the German Pegida, at its December protest, sang Christmas carols and held candles. Those gathered were young and old, poor and rich, and yet they were all smartly dressed and maintained throughout a pleasant order.

What is so different about Britain? I have a feeling this specific event was compromised by some of the political groups in attendance. The BNP, under new leader Adam Walker, attended along with its own, rather dubious supporters. The thuggish and anti-Semitic political zombie ‘National Front UK’ turned out as well.

But this is part of a bigger trend. The EDL, as honourable as they were, often abused the police, threw fireworks, took drugs and sought to incite violence. This helps no-one. What we seek to protest is the criminal behaviour of a hostile minority. Nobody will listen to us if we indulge in disorderly conduct while doing so.


One Million Girls: A Question of Honour.


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The Arabs, for all their current violence and confusion, abide by a principle that is increasingly outdated yet also thoroughly decent: the principle of Honour.

As concepts go, this one is fairly easy to understand. If you injure an Arab man’s ‘honour’, he will reclaim that honour by injuring yours. If you hurt his friend, he will hurt your friend and so on…

While this might seem barbarian to us, it really isn’t. Some slights are so great that they merit a proportionate response. Call it tit-for-tat, an eye for an eye, or whatever you like. What it is at base is a question of honour. You have harmed me, so I shall harm you.

Bin Laden believed in honour. His credo ‘As you lay waste to our lands, so we shall lay waste to yours.” found sympathisers on both sides of the cultural divide. Despite the hideousness of Islamic terror, one must be intellectually honest and admit that some ideas have a value that survives the disgrace of those who hold them.

Where is our honour? By ‘our’ I mean the Western World in general, but most specifically the British people.

Estimates are being made that up to one million young girls have been molested, raped or assaulted in the past decade by Muslim immigrants. Had this occurred in Pakistan to Muslim children with Shia Muslims as the offenders, the result would be a violent chaos. I am not, of course, suggesting we emulate that kind of justice, but I must ask, where is our retaliation? This wave of sickening crime was surely historic enough to merit an equally historic response.

The very least we could do to reclaim the honour of those girls is to dispense altogether with political correctness where it might interfere with the safety of children. We should be open and fearless enough to advise children of the dangers of approaching or conversing with Pakistani men and politically incorrect charities should be set up to disperse warnings to this effect. Children of both sexes and of any stage in development should be encouraged to inform local authorities of Pakistanis loitering near schools, or if they witness a friend or relative speaking to Pakistanis in any context outside of education. On the internet, ‘memes’ should be produced which (without inciting hatred) warn young users of social media to watch out for cultural warning signs.

Above all, we must be absolutely clear as to what it is that motivates such criminal behaviours. It is the teachings of Islam, the conduct of Mohammad himself, and the punkish immorality of Pakistani Muslims in particular.

If sufficiently widespread, this type of campaign might result in a UK in which Pakistanis no longer feel at home. So be it.


Pyongyang or Islamabad?


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Here’s an interesting fact you might not be aware of: The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the only foreign country North Koreans are allowed to study in during their period of higher education.

No other nation’s universities are open to the citizens of the Communist republic, presumably because of the well-grounded fear that those students might choose not to return. It speaks volumes that the North Korean regime has no such fears in sending its citizens to India’s chaotic neighbour, and says even more that there have been no recorded defections to Pakistan in the time this policy has been active.

Ever since I read this information, I’ve been imagining which I would personally prefer out of the two great evils of our time. That is, whether I would rather live in a starving, cruel and genocidal Communist state or in a nation ruled (albeit unofficially) along the lines of Islamic fundamentalism…

It really is a tough one. On the one hand, the DPRK has advantages over Pakistan. Unlike Pakistan, the DPRK is not chaotic but orderly and the state has absolute control over the people. True, this is ordinarily a bad thing, but given the activities that prevail in Muslim states when the government loses control, it is surely comforting by comparison. Furthermore, the DPRK does not forbid intoxication, an important means of escape from an unpleasant or insufferable reality.

On the other side, Pakistan, for all its hysterical unreason, is in reality a variety box of primitives, some of them violent, some of them merely stupid and quietly devout. If a North Korean lucked out and managed to study in whatever passes for a liberal area of the Islamic Republic, he/she might discover a forbidden liberty, like reading non-state-sponsored books, or watching unbiased international news via satellite.

Of course, the most clear and obvious advantage in going to Pakistan from Korea is the opportunity, however perilous, to cross the border into India and from there to get to the West. Indeed one could even switch planes at a Pakistani airport and get to the Korean Republic instead of the DPRK. But this takes us away from the point of the thought experiment.

Let’s say instead, that you have a choice to live for the rest of your natural life in Pakistan or in the DPRK. What would appeal to you more. Where do you think your suffering might be least, and your prospects of happiness greatest?

After thinking it through, I would probably plump for the savagery of Pakistan, purely on the grounds that there must surely be pockets of civility in a country of that size. There is also the factor of nutrition to consider. A starving life is no life at all.

I’m very much interested in your responses and reasoning.


When Dubai Sells Dates.


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Oil is a finite resource. It is also unevenly distributed, destructive to the environment and a wildly distortionary factor in the game of global influence. With these things conceded, it becomes easy to understand the impetus behind the search for a renewable replacement.

And while that search is now commonly regarded as a failure – Wind energy, solar power and nuclear technologies have all proven inefficient and if relied upon would ruin the global economy and collapse the Western standard of life – oil is quickly becoming less of a luxury than its producers (and pricers) are accustomed to.

The technology of shale gas extraction – though as environmentally destructive as any other form of fuel – will soon make America, Canada and much of Europe energy independent, free at last from those dubious and self-destructive alliances with the states of the Arabian Gulf.

What will happen to the producing nations when their precious resource no longer sets the pace of the global economy?

The answer will heavily depend on the country considered. Some oil-producing nations never needed to become as dependent on oil as they currently are. Russia for example, could have a modern diversified economy by now were it not for the meddling authoritarianism of the Putin Regime. Venezuela could be enjoying the same relaxed, tourist-driven tranquillity as Barbados or Dominica.

On the other hand, there are nations that have done far better with oil than they should have (or could have) without it. Among these, none risk a sharper and more dramatic fall than those states of the Gulf.

Dubai – that glistening Ballardian nightmare on the Indian Ocean – is the place to watch during this period. Dubai is the Manhattan of the United States of OPEC. And when oil goes down, so do those skyscrapers.

After all, other than tourism, oil and investment, what can Dubai offer? The only answer discoverable online is dates. Like Germany and cars, Japan and electronics, the UAE is apparently the go-to source for those annoying fruits often given as gifts but which nobody has ever liked.

As oil becomes plentiful and cheap, companies in the Gulf will desperately try to plough their funds into blue-chip companies in the West. Real estate within cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai will be promoted as a piece of tropical paradise for wealth Westerners unimpressed with the sunshine in Monaco and Cannes.

The Gulf regimes themselves will begin to use a different tone in its diplomacy. Gone (or very moderated) will be the haughty superiority they have employed in the past, replaced over time with a panicky and tremulous pleading.

What should the world’s relationship with the Gulf in the long term be – that is, after the age of expensive oil?  In my view, it should be measured to match the scant disregard with which they have treated our own geopolitical security in their time of luxury. All the time that oil went for over $100 a barrel, the Saudis felt no anxiety in sponsoring groups dedicated to wiping out their clientele.

When Dubai is reduced to selling Dates, I suggest the West remembers this.


Facing the Reality of Russia.


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Another Russian bomber has been ‘escorted’ away from British airspace, this time having strayed as far south as the county (or, as some eccentrics believe, Nation) of Cornwall.

As terrifying as it sounds, this is actually becoming commonplace. Ordinarily, the Russian air force teases the UK by flying low over the North Sea within the political territory of Scotland. The choice of Cornwall this time around, demonstrates only an escalation of the same initiative.

We shouldn’t patronise ourselves by wondering why Russia has a problem with the UK. We will only consider how this problem may be solved before it transforms into something apocalyptic.

Firstly, we must recognise the reality of Russia, and how it threatens our hard-won European peace. There can be no longer any doubt as to whether Putin has intervened in Ukraine, and nor that this represents a dangerous violation of geopolitical custom and law.

Timothy Gartan Ash, the Guardian’s noted analyst of foreign affairs was consequently right to put the dispute in the following, brutal terms:

“Behind a smokescreen of lies”… “(Putin) has renewed his drive to carve out a puppet para-state in eastern Ukraine… Innocent bystanders are killed in the Black Sea port of Mariupol. In besieged Debaltseve a woman scoops water from a giant puddle in the road. The rubble that was once Donetsk airport recalls a scene from martyred Syria. About 5,000 people have already been killed in this armed conflict, and more than 500,000 uprooted. Preoccupied by Greece and the eurozone, Europe is letting another Bosnia happen in its own front yard. Wake up, Europe. If we have learned anything from our own history, Putin must be stopped.”

Although I have resisted the emotion, given my respect for Putin’s diplomatic manoeuvres on Syria and Libya, I must agree with Ash here. Putin must be driven back. If we have any respect or love for our continental security, military deterrents must be put in place. A rapid detachment of multinational EU troops should be sent to Western Ukraine and the Baltics in order to pre-empt and block any broadening of Putin’s aggression.

I am aware that I am here going against the prevailing argument within the CounterJihad tendency – the argument that Russia is a vital ally against Islam and should be welcomed back into the community of the Western World. I don’t disagree with the logic of it; my opposition is simply a matter of solidarity with Ukraine – another kindred state of Europe – in its time of need. No state deserves to be carved up by a foreign power, especially not by a power that previously presided over a policy of genocide in that country.


Al-Shabaab in Minnesota.


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The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn_, is the largest shopping mall in the U_S_, with more than 40 million visitors a year_

It’s been reported today that the Somali Islamist group Al-Shabaab have called for Somalis resident in Minnesota to attack the ‘Mall of America’ in Bloomington.

There’s not much to say about this except to restate a question I have asked before – “What the hell are Somalis doing in Minnesota?”

How did this happen? And what is happening to America? Minnesota is one of those states I often dream of living in when I finally emigrate to the US. Popular commentary told me it was a model of security, civility and high culture.

Please don’t let it become European…


American Zimbabwe: The War in Chicago.


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The everydayness of gun-crime in America has long been a cause of great confusion (and in some cases, schadenfruende) in Europe, with the rates reported in cities like New York and Los Angeles seeming more appropriate to a Lesotho shanty-town than a bustling superpower, studded with skyscrapers.

But in reality, gun-crime is not really an American issue at all, but a peculiarly African-American one. ‘White’ states like Oregon and Washington have very low rates of crime and violence, while Black-heavy states like Georgia and Louisiana have rates well above the national average.

And of all African-American population centres, it is the city of Chicago, Illinois that makes for the most alarming case. This brilliant city, steeped in wealth and literary renown, is witness to an dizzying number of violent felonies, with the year 2012 clocking up 507 murders (by far the highest number in the United States), most of them committed with a firearm.

Many of the perpetrators and victims of these crimes are children; almost all of them having been trapped beforehand in a force-field of invented difference and meaningless rivalry. You’re from that neighbourhood, so why are you here? Boom! You’re meant to ride with us, so why do you wear that colour around your neck? Boom! And so on… This shocking rate of crime, coupled with the number of completed murders has led to the city acquiring the nickname ‘Chiraq’ – a portmanteau of Chicago and Iraq.

Most of these killings occur in a district of the city known as the ‘South Side’, made up of predominantly Black and poor neighbourhoods. Here, crack-cocaine manufacturing gangs are known to control the streets, and on occasion ‘provide security’ to whole tower blocks. Snitching on these makeshift police will only invite a swift demise. Failing to sign up to your local ‘clique’ (or ‘click’ – by the traditions of gang illiteracy) typically invites bullying, manipulation, shunning and possibly worse.

The culture of the South-Side is dominated by music; specifically a dark and violent sub-genre of Hip-Hop known as ‘Drill’ music. This trend was popularised by local artist Chief Keef, whose YouTube videos typically display the singer (and his friends) waving firearms at a cheap camera.

Keef (real name Keith Cozart) is known to have committed uncountable offenses in the city and has been directly accused of murder by the mother of one of the South Side’s child victims. His lyrics include barely-concealed references to homicide.

Among those who associate with Keef are an ignoble crew of villains and murderers. The video below depicts Keef’s collaborator and relative ‘Lil Reese’ beating up a young woman (for example):

Such practical misogyny is far from exceptional. Within Drill lyricism, a terrible emphasis is placed on ‘team sex'; a practice in which one’s entire ‘clique’ has sex with a single woman one after the other. For example, the lyrics of ‘Lil Mouse’ (who was 12 at the time of composition) include ‘If you wanna fuck me, then fuck the team”, while Chief Keef raps “You’re bitch won’t do the team? (I) bet she won’t fight!” – note that in the latter case, the boundary between consent and assault is terrifyingly blurred.

The life-expectancy of Chicagoan rappers has collapsed in recent years, with many aspiring musicians being snuffed out before their time. The rapper LA Capone, whose best-known songs include ‘Murder’ (the chorus – ‘Murder me? It’s unheard of’) was gunned down in 2012. His collaborator ‘Rondonumbanine’ was later arrested for murdering a taxi driver said to have been involved in Capone’s death. Chief Keef’s cousin ‘Blood Money’ was assassinated in 2013 by rival gang members.

So strong is the whirlwind of nihilism affecting Chicago, many of its rappers perish barely having had the chance to establish themselves. A small, baby-faced child calling himself ‘Lil JoJo’ made a nightmarish video (below) trolling the rival ‘Black Disciples’ gang (of which Keef, Capone, Reese and Blood money are or were members). He was killed within a month.

Drill’s popularity radiates far beyond its homeland. Outside of Illinois, young African-Americans compete with each other to imitate the criminals of Chicago. The black thug responsible for the bestial murder of Christopher Lane (a race-hate killing even if the media pretends otherwise) quoted Chief Keef on Twitter (“I’m with my niggas when it’s time to start taking lives”) the day before he and his friends committed the homicide.

In the established worldview of racist thinking, Black Africans represent the lowest tier of humanity and a biological fusion of human and pre-human. In doing the research for this post, I have myself felt the twitch of racist emotion; a heavy, slightly burning anger supported with a sentimental fear for the future. Should the numbers of these people be contained? Should segregation be considered?

I now see the world back in focus. Black people are as varied as any other race. There are Black professionals, Black thugs and innumerable varieties in-between. Nevertheless, the West must be firm about the issue of tribal violence. It simply doesn’t belong in this part of the world. Chicago’s children, women and law-abiding citizenry deserve better.



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