Gun Control and Tyrannical Government.


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The debate over gun ownership has dominated the politics of the United States for over 20 years. No Presidential candidate can afford to ignore it. The Media covers it obsessively. After abortion, it provokes more demonstrations than any other issue.

The American Left (and much of the centre) support the Europeanisation of US firearm laws – in other words, the restriction of guns to security and military use. The political Right, with a passion many find confusing, see the right to keep and bear arms as an integral part of American democracy – and the attempt to restrict it as an omen of impending dictatorship.

That last anxiety in particular must be pondered if one wishes to understand the spirit of America. For over 300 years, the Patriotic Right have argued that American democracy is vulnerable to abolition by a tyrannical elite, and that such a regime can only be effectively resisted by an armed population.

As the commentator Glenn Beck put it in his recent book Control: The Truth About Guns – “If we continue to stand up for our rights, none of us alive today will ever have to pick up a weapon against our government. The bad news is that if those rights are watered down or taken away, the risk of tyranny will increase with each passing generation.”

For a long time, like most Europeans, I found this American belief in the importance of firearms absurd. But the more I have reflected upon it, the more suspicious I find the refusal of our own government to bestow the same liberty.

While it’s true that a real totalitarian regime could not be overthrown by civil militias armed with semi-automatic weapons, the general populace, so equipped and working in concert, could surely resist arrest, molestation or abuse by that regime.

When Nazi henchmen jackbooted their way through German suburbs to capture Communists, Jews and democrats, they were cheerful and fearless from the certainty their prey was unarmed. Had the general population been equipped to the extent Americans are today, communities could have disrupted the process to such a degree that state policy may have been altered.

Had SS troops been killed or injured by the dozen as they sought to round up Jewish families, the situation might have arisen in which the groups who wished (anyway) to rebel finally found the occasion to try.

Just like that decisive moment when a schoolyard bully is enfeebled in front of his victim by another (stronger) child, thus leading to the collapse of the bully-victim relationship, in a totalitarian society a moment of state weakness can be fatally provocative. That is why if the North Korean regime (or any other regime like it) ever collapses, it will be the result of the people losing respect for the state, rather than because the state weakens in its systemic design.

You cannot respect a state whose enforcers run from your own bullets, whose bodies line the street having tried to line it with the bodies of your family. Little victories lead naturally onto bigger ones.

So the next time you hear Americans link gun ownership to the maintenance of liberty, try to empathise with them. You may even see your own security in a different, rather more horrifying light.


Varieties of Colonisation.


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While all Western European nations are currently enduring a process of Islamisation, not all face the same kind of process. By this I mean that Europe is not facing conquest by a single race, nation or even Islamic school. There are varieties of colonisation, and it is important and worthwhile to look at each one in isolation.

Despite the end-point being the same in all cases, some of these processes are worse than others in the short term. Each Muslim sub-culture goes about Islamisation in a different way, with a different level of enthusiasm, with differing levels of unnecessary cruelty, and with a different potential for success.

Here then is an analysis of four cases, noting the character of each individual process and how they differ from each other.

Germany – Turkish Muslims.

Only 75 years ago, the city of Nuremburg was the setting for the National Socialist Party’s most glittering rallies. Red, white and black Swastika flags billowed sideways down the walls of banks, libraries and municipal offices. In public squares, speeches extolling notions of ethnic supremacy – or more specifically, of German supremacy – brought gathered crowds to a state of thoughtless euphoria. German-ness, Aryan-ness, and Nordic-ness ruled as unquestionable virtues, exalted above all other considerations.

Today, the city is ostensibly democratic, free and modern. There are no mad theories to intoxicate the public blasted from tannoy speakers; no banners with flashy symbols designed to replace the task of thinking. But there are also fewer and fewer Germans to be found.

Nuremberg is increasingly a Turkish city, with Turkish shops, Turkish eateries and a Turkish character. In a 2011 study, more than 37% of the urban population have an immigrant background, with Muslim Turks accounting for the vast majority.

A similar process has occurred in various other cities across the nation. There are now over 1,500,000 Turks resident in Germany and this population has a birth rate way in excess of the slovenly rates of the Germans themselves. In fact, this is worth recounting in detail. The birth rate for German natives is 1.4 children per woman. For Muslim Turks on the other hand, it is above replacement level (2.4). If that weren’t frightening enough, due to national infertility, the native German population is slated to decline every new decade, requiring – if the worker-retiree ration is to be maintained – yet more immigration. And where is the main source of that immigration predicted to be? (You guessed it) Turkey.

Now, while the Turks are not always as criminal and aggressive as other European Muslim populations, they do account for more crime than other citizens, and the meteoric rise in groups like Pegida testifies to the sheer panic running through the minds of native communities.

Unless Germany finds a way to reverse its demographic collapse, or (just as well) decides to turn to another source of human replenishment, the prospects of an enlightened, Judeo-Christian future there seem really rather dim.

The United Kingdom – Pakistani Muslims.

In case you are unaware, the British ‘commonwealth’ is a compensatory ’empire of consent’, chiefly maintained in order to keep alive the idea of British global influence. Of the many countries included in this club, most are pleasant enough (Canada, Australia, India etc..), but one or two have fared very badly under the conditions of self-rule. Unstable, barely democratic and economically barren, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has undoubtedly fared the worst. For this reason, over time a very large (and fertile) contingent of Muslim Pakistanis have flocked to the shores of England (note: not Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales). As recorded in 2011, there are 1,500,000 Pakistanis living in England and most are clustered in urban areas like Leicester, Bradford, Birmingham, Luton and metropolitan parts of Yorkshire.

I’ll pull no punches here. The Muslim Pakistani population of this country are its most disliked, in some cases detested, constituent. Mass rape, paedophilia, corruption, low-level crime, bullying, harassment, stalking, sexual intimidation, terrorism and racist anti-Kafir violence have collectively served to bar the integration of Muslim Pakistanis into English (or British) life.

Muslim Pakistanis in the UK are often radical, prone to extremist views and actions, and intent on cultural conquest. I would venture that they are far more disruptive to English life that the Turks in Germany are to German life. While German Turks are rarely found to be members of violent Jihadi groups, British Pakistanis are arrested every day for such membership. Reflecting this, the largest ‘European’ contingent in the Islamic State’s ranks are British and Pakistani.

France – Maghrebi Muslims.

When the French colonial grip on the nation of Algeria began to loosen, some Algerians (in the hope of a better life) began to migrate to the land of their colonial masters. Since then, they have been joined by millions of other Maghrebis (including Muslims from Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania).

Today, the full figure of North African Muslims in France is unknowable, owing to a French ban on collecting ethnic data. Some estimates put the figure at 4 million, some at 5, others (on the political right) claim it could be as high as 8 million. Whatever the exact number, the transformation of many French cities is obvious and extreme. Marseille and Paris are dominated by immigrants. The number of Mosques in France is rapidly catching up with the number of churches. Despite a very brave and sensible ban, the veil is still a common sight in poorer suburbs.

Like British Pakistanis, the French North Africans have earned a solid reputation for aggressiveness and obedience to the criminal impulse. In 2005, much of urban France was set on fire, as Muslim youths rampaged through the streets of cities smashing buildings, vehicles and police officers (some – notably – shouting ‘Jihad!’ when doing so).

Despite this, and unlike UK Pakistanis, some North Africans in France have begun to integrate in recent years, much in the same way as African-Americans eventually integrated into America – that is, via sport, television and rap music.

Unlike the Arabs and Berbers, the French natives are increasingly atheistic and whether this makes Islamisation easier or more difficult remains to be seen. In my personal opinion, having a religious identity to defend is crucial if one is to resist conquest by another.

Sweden – Pick n’ Mix

By 2050, over one in ten Swedes will pray facing Makkah. This is an astonishing fact, and one that, only forty years ago, would have seemed absurdly dystopian. Unlike France, Germany and the UK, there is no single source of Muslim migration to Sweden. In the capital and in all major cities, one will find communities of Kurds, Iranians, Turks, Syrians, Pakistanis, Iraqis and North Africans.

This variety, though it may not seem as much now, is potentially good news for Sweden. As any worldly observer will realise, for Islamists to forge an Islamic coalition of Iranians and Arabs, Turks and Kurds, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, Sunni with Shia, is a very tall order indeed. For that reason, I think Islamisation will be a fragmentary and slow process in Scandinavia, albeit one that must nevertheless be actively and energetically opposed.


Based on a continent-wide analysis, the more homogenous the Islamising force a country faces, the greater the violence and cruelty will be along the process. In Britain, the Pakistani community are emboldened by their local homogeneity – something that allows for confidence and common aspiration against the interests of outer-communal rivals. The same is true in Germany with the Turkish community. If tensions between the Turks and the German police (which are already strained) inflame further, the Turks will be able to retaliate with a common front, potentially leading to ‘Bradford riots’ kind of scenario.

In France, the North Africans are socially merging with the Black Africans – with whom they already share many cultural traits. If this continues, Black Hip-Hop culture may in time dilute the commitment to Islamic virtues that are incompatible with it. If not, then the North Africans may find enough in common with each other to pursue a united Islamising effort.

Finally, Sweden, despite playing host to a massive and growing Islamic community, has not been transformed to the extent of Britain and France. This must be for a reason. The explanation I would advance is that inter-Islamic divisions (racial and theological) inflame just as much passion in Muslim migrants as does the division of Muslim and non-Muslim. While this is advantageous in the short term, the likely end result – namely, the formation of what Christopher Caldwell called a multi-ethnic ‘Team Islam’ – promises to be every bit as destructive as the homogenous conquests ongoing in other European societies.


The British National Party: An Obituary.


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The vote share of the BNP has collapsed. At this month’s general election, the Party polled 97% fewer votes than it did 5 years prior.

This is excellent news and for many reasons. First and foremost among them is the fact that the BNP and its ideologues are wholly destructive to the cause of British resistance to Islam.

While the noises made by the party seem superficially in our favour, they are made with such a lack of grace, intelligence and literacy that they play as Mozart in the ears of our Leftist opponents.

It is all very well to say ‘Ban the Burka’, ‘no to Sharia’ or ‘support freedom of speech’. But when these common sense attitudes are espoused by people who – in other contexts – claim that Jews (who else) are secretly lobbying for the destruction of the white race via forcible miscegenation, they are liable to fall flat.

I will admit to visiting the BNP website far more often than I should. But over time, this has left me in no doubt that these thugs are doing incalculable damage to our cause and ultimately to our chances of cultural self-preservation. The demise of the organisation (and the eventual defection of its electorate to more moderate and sensible parties like LibertyGB) is a victory for all of us.


Take Them Seriously.


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Today, Western-located affiliates of the Islamic State (aka ISIS – aka ISIL) have posted onto the internet photographs (taken by themselves) of tourist spots in various European cities. In the picture above, the card held in front of the camera warns that “We (ISIS) are in your streets” and was taken in the Italian Capital, Rome.

This (in my opinion) should be enough to trigger a state of emergency, one that allows for drastic police actions and the suspension of normal order. Given the nature of the enemy and its ambition, the presence of ISIS-affiliated fighters in Europe demands serious and immediate precautionary measures from our security services.

None will be forthcoming of course, and the reason? We can never take a threat seriously anymore. Our defensive reflexes are worn out, drained of their former vitality.

I write this fully aware that it is futile. I do it simply because I don’t want to feel any guilt when the treasures of Rome become like the treasures of Nineveh.


500 Pages of Intimidation.


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“Only a sense of duty could carry a European through the Qur’an” – Thomas Carlyle.

So, I finally got around to reading the Holy Qur’an (Dawood Translation, published by Penguin World Classics), having previously only browsed through it for selected passages about selected subjects. Given my political orientation, this was a necessary undertaking, and one I should have performed long before now. I can only plead laziness and lack of time as a defence.

So what’s my ‘review’?… In short, this book is 500 pages of intimidation. By that I mean that little can be gathered from the text beyond the fiery destinies of those who doubt it.

The Quran takes so long in telling us the penalty for doubting its claims that it forgets to tell us much about what is supposed to be believed. Sentences like “do not be like the unbelievers’ or ‘do not be like the doubters’ appear in every surah, sometimes 4 or 5 times a page. The descriptions of hell, the penalty, are primitive and cartoonish – lots of fire, despair and random agony (incidentally, why is it only fire that is used to torture the condemned? Why not ice, chili peppers or acid? It seems rather lazy).

Makkah is repeatedly advertised as a place worth visiting, something contradicted by most modern travel writers. The battles of Muhammad are relayed in obsessive detail. Women – those wicked, vagina-bearing sirens –  are rightly taken down a few notches, implored not to leave the house or fraternise with (male) friends.

A very brief and ambiguous passage outlaws (or seems to outlaw) gambling and the consumption of alcohol. I can understand how this has produced different interpretations over the centuries. It is far from clear and seems only to apply to getting drunk rather than drinking in moderation. Had its later interpreters been more liberal, I think this would have made for a very different Muslim culture, possibly a more philosophical one.

Violence is a strong theme in later chapters. The battles local Muslims fought in the years before the revelations are described (if they went well) as a proof of God’s mercy, or (if they went badly) as an indictment of the believers’ moral character.

Poetically, the text is not without merit. The descriptions of paradise are occasionally sublime. Epicurean promises of dark-eyed women serving opiating beverages in a celestial garden remain undeniably appealing and almost seem French in their worldly lust.

I felt no compulsion to reread any chapters. Fifty pages into the book is enough to get to the essence of it – a crowded circus of psychological bullying and desert superstition, lacking in moral nuance and philosophical depth.

I must emphasise how bafflingly repetitive the Qur’an is. This quality came as a real shock to me, even though I had developed a scattershot knowledge of the text many years before. After finishing a couple of Surahs, the paragraphs had me flicking back to past chapters to check if there had been a printing error. “Haven’t I just read this?” – “This is familiar” – “Move on to something new!”

500 pages (the penguin translation is just under) is rather short for a holy text. That – I suppose – is a positive. Good marks are also given for the fact there is no racism in the book, or at least beyond occasional anti-Semitic seeming phrases (in fact, these are plagiarisms from the Bible, so not ‘hateful’ in the modern sense).

All the way through the volume, I tried to keep in mind that this book dominates the thought of over a fifth of the human population. That is both staggering and unfortunate. When the words were originally scraped onto animal bones under a sweltering Arabian sun, the authors must have realised they were interfering with world history. As to their moral responsibility, that depends wholly on whether they believed in what they were inscribing or, like ancient Dan Browns, whether they merely wanted attention.

What will be the final destiny of the Qur’an? It seems possible that it will still be believed after people stop believing in the Bible (a grave literary injustice, but one that is backed by the unstoppable tide of demographics). As to the very distant future, the age of AIs and robots, I don’t believe it has the strength to withstand science indefinitely.

In the meanwhile, burning this book is stupid. The best way to undermine it is simply to expose its content.


Intolerance Vs. Pamela Geller.


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You’ll have heard by now that a repeat of the Charlie Hebdo massacre was only narrowly averted last Monday.

In the great state of Texas, a competition to draw the best caricature of the Prophet Muhammad was invaded by two armed Muslim militants likely intending on assassinating the organisers of the event, the iconoclastic blogger Pamela Geller and the leading counter-jihad politician Geert Wilders.

Thankfully, given the American way of security, the assailants were quickly disposed of before they could steady a shot. Some civilians were injured, some were simply rattled, but over-all the enterprise was a delightful failure. How wonderfully refreshing this seems from a British viewpoint! The old adage ‘Don’t f*** with Texas’ seems very well grounded in reality.

After the gun-smoke cleared, the event went on to trigger a new round of discussion on the near-ancient clash of Western notions of liberty and the religion of Islam. Unhindered by European notions of Political Correctness, the Fox News channel was particularly quick to orchestrate debates on this matter (one of which, incidentally, included an appearance by the nation-shaming piece of shit Anjem Choudhry. Let’s hope devoutly that one day he himself falls foul of the US police force).

One has to wonder how long this can possibly go on. The confrontation in question is so clear-cut and simple that the ‘debate’ over who is right or wrong demeans anyone who engages in it. Put most concisely, this is a wacky collection of bearded maniacs vs. everything worth living for.

In a conflict like that, who can possibly be on the fence?

As to Ms Geller herself, I urge you to re-examine your opinion of her. Brash, she certainly is. Abrasive, she certainly is. Jewish, she certainly is… But is she not also brave? Does any other figure in the Islamophobic community put life and limb on the line as much as she does? Has she not done more than any other public figure to raise awareness of the Islamist menace? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then we are in her debt.

There are some who would view the title of this post as laughably contradictory. Pamela Geller vs. Intolerance? Ha! Don’t be ridiculous. She is the most intolerant person around.

To those I would say… of what is she intolerant? Of stonings, limb amputations and terror bombings?  Well, what kind of person is not intolerant of that? What value does tolerance have if it comes at the expense of life?

Sayyid Qutb, the Egyptian philosopher of political Islam, once wrote that “In a battle between good and evil, one step in retreat is blasphemy.”

Like it or loathe it, that is a noble attitude, and entirely correct (even if his idea of good and evil are the wrong way around). Consequently, there are no halfway houses, Swiss exemptions or island isolations worth retreating to. The Muslims want the whole world. They want you and your family, your daughters and your sons. Are you courageous enough to oppose them?

Pamela Geller is.


The Fertility of Chaos.


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In ‘The Myth of the Muslim Tide’, Canadian author Doug Sanders noted that birth rates in some Muslim countries have started to decline and are projected to sink to European levels in the future, later making use of this fact to pour cold water on the arguments of writers like Mark Steyn, Pat Buchanan et al, who propose that Muslims will triumphantly outbreed Europeans both in and outside Europe.

And having researched the examples cited by Sanders, I’ve accepted that in more advanced – that is to say more liberal – Muslim countries, the fertility rate is slowly but noticeably lowering. In Iran for example, the birth rate will go sub-replacement by 2030; in Tunisia, that transition will occur in 2040, and so on…

I fail to be consoled by this for many reasons, but chief among them is the reproductive dynamism of the exceptions to Sanders rule. Syria, Afghanistan, the West Bank and Gaza, Sudan, Yemen and Iraq, all have birth rates that are rising to near sub-Saharan levels.

All of those countries, it won’t have escaped your notice, are also war-torn and have been in a state of chaos for much of the 21st century. Demographers are (or should be) aware of this trend. I’m all but certain that Islamists are.

Chaos is highly fertile. When societies collapse, breeding is accelerated. Unemployment leaves people with little else to achieve beyond the primitive urges of procreation. People procreate out of boredom and in order to achieve some semblance of happiness in a situation otherwise devoid of it. They may also be motivated to serve political ends by boosting the number of their tribal or religious clan.

In the West Bank and Gaza, fertility rates are 5 or 6 children per woman. This is known in Israel as the ‘demographic time-bomb’ – a weapon of Palestinian nationalism that, they fear, will ultimately force a compromise over land.

As a concern, this has relevance for Europe too. In the future dystopia I have warned of, a riot-torn multicultural Europe may provide all the chaos necessary for an acceleration of the Islamist project.

One has to wonder if Islamists are aiming for a state of chaos across the Middle East with demography in mind. Perhaps they oppose civilisation for its effects on their long-term numbers. Bin Laden himself memorably spoke of Indonesia and Pakistan as the great ‘human resource’ for Sunni Islam. Comments like that ought to chill the blood of the shrinking peoples of Europe.

People are just as powerful as missiles if they are wearing explosives. The crude stockpiling of death-ready faith-zombies is a crude yet intelligent strategy, and one that may prove decisive in a future dominated by lawlessness.




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The 2015 general election result is in. Out of the three possibilities – great, OK or terrible – the ball has slipped into the second groove. We have an OK regime, a tolerable one, not especially healthy and not particularly self-destructive.

The Liberal Democrats have been shot to pieces and will find it difficult to survive. The Labour Party is far from dead, and will soon reinvigorate itself with younger generation of advocates (the favourite for leadership being, of course, the ‘British Obama’).

The UKIP grenade, much hyped as being nuclear in its fallout, went off with a silent puff. Farage has been fatally embarrassed. The faces of Middle England are shiny with tears. Chinks of hope for the future have closed.

The Islamisation process ongoing in parts of Britain has not been altered one bit by the result. It would have been quicker under the Labour party, and slower under UKIP. The Tories won’t interfere with it one bit.

That’s about all that can be said.


The Clash of Sexualities.


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One night last August, 20 year old Ceri Linden stood waiting for a taxi at the side of well-lit street in Broughton, Cheshire, having spent the afternoon with friends. Finding none to be available, she then walked to a car parked near-by with its lights on, assuming it to be a private service. Inside the car was Masood Mansouri, an Iranian migrant.

Linden was promptly welcomed inside and asked where she wished to go. Whatever she said after that was ignored and Mansouri drove her instead to his house, some miles away. There, she was violently raped and dumped back out onto the street.

Traumatised almost beyond words, Ms Linden later contacted local police and agreed to record a video statement to be used in court. Less than 48 hours after doing so, she committed suicide, swallowing an overdose of prescription pills.

This story, expounded in detail in the national press last week, has shocked and saddened the entire country. People are asking questions like ‘why?’, ‘who would?’ and ‘how can?’

But despite the heart-breaking details of this tragedy (and its enormity in the perspective of Linden’s family), it is but a microcosm of a continent-wide horror show; the clash of the barbaric and civilised sexualities.

Civilised sexuality, predominant in Europe, East Asia and America, involves a fair contest of emotions, courtship, charm and tact. Barbaric sexuality, predominant in the world of Islam, involves power, and nothing else. Whoever can overpower a woman thereby wins the right to have sex with her. The fundamental incompatibility of these moral systems is barely worth remarking upon, but remark upon it we must, if this long, gruelling trend is to be in any way abbreviated.

It is my belief that western women must be taught (from a young age) what the real danger is, where it comes from, what it looks like. To fail to do so is to leave them unprotected against the worst kind of experience imaginable.

Since we at war, a ‘war mentality’ must be developed, complete with wartime hyper-vigilance. The enemy is predatory, committed and unhindered by regular moral consideration. He lurks where women are plentiful and men are few. To face down the sex-jihad women must therefore become manly, adopting virtues from the heroic; virtues like sheltering the weak, providing comfort and protection to the vulnerable, giving offence where necessary and using force when required.

Remember that this wave of rape is distinctly political. It is committed for political ends, even in the micro. Civilisations don’t have to be weakened by atom bombs. Papercuts can do as much damage when numerous enough. With enough small incisions, the body is veiled in sheets of blood. Whole civilisations may perish this way.

For evidence, just look at Rotherham, a formerly proud and important industrial town, famed for its working-class brashness, and yet now seeming so emasculated, bruised and tamed.

The enemy is not going away any time soon. It is high-time our national resolve made an appearance.


Dysgenics: A Beginner’s Guide.


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Do you ever lament that old songs seem to have more meaning than those produced today? Do you ever regard the success of books like the Da Vinci Code and the Hunger Games with sadness, comparing their lack of depth and nuance against the qualities of Brave New World, Sons and Lovers, and other bestsellers of yesteryear? Have you ever complained that the media in general is ‘dumbing down’ and that politics is becoming a reality TV competition?

What you may be describing are the effects of a phenomenon called ‘Dysgenics’, the process by which the human population (and thereby the culture) of a given area grows less intelligent with every new generation (needless to add, it is the opposite of Eugenics, a proposed system of discriminatory breeding intended to raise the general level of intelligence).

Out of all the burning scientific and sociological issues of our day, this is probably the most controversial, the one that people are really not supposed to talk about. This is because everyone is affected by dysgenics. It is not a process limited to a certain people, culture or nation. No-one can afford to laugh at it, shrug it off or deny it.

*I must emphasise before continuing that this is not an issue of ‘class’. Just because someone hasn’t gone to university doesn’t mean they are stupid. As a corollary, just because someone has been to university (even Oxford or Cambridge) doesn’t necessarily imply a superlative level of intelligence. In the latter case, people may just be privileged or have had superior or over-dedicated schooling.

When we talk about a new class of stupid people, we are talking about those who are incapable of philosophy and conviction, who shun the political and the cerebral in favour of the popular and facile, who cannot read and write, who are senselessly criminal and randomly aggressive, who have no sexual restraint and who fail to properly raise children.

These people, found in all classes and proliferating furiously up and down the United Kingdom, are something quite novel in British history. Of course, there has always been an idiot class, feckless and wild, unable to become part of the working majority, but they have never been so numerous or culturally influential as they are today.

The underclass is now a sub-culture, a sub-nation, with quirks of dress, language and even cuisine.

As to how the dysgenic process works, opinion is divided. Some blame the welfare state and its habit of paying people more welfare when they have large families, thereby encouraging the most incapable to have more children in order to live off said benefits. Frankly, I don’t think this is common enough to account for what is happening. I think it more likely that the dysgenic process has accelerated due to a longstanding imbalance of fertility and intelligence. In short, the smart people (those with jobs, political opinions and bookshelves) have smaller families than those who chew their toenails. Over time, that imbalance can completely transform the character of a nation, even one with such an illustrious history as ours.

While this is tolerable enough for now, one has to think about the future and how the nation will cope as the ratio leans ever more toward the negative.

Something particularly threatened by this process, I believe, is human liberty. After all, what becomes of a society when people no longer understand politics enough to  partake in it? What kind of government will assemble itself in that situation, and what extra powers will it take on?

The voter turn-out for national elections is frighteningly low in the West, frequently clocking in at less than 50%, and sinking as low as 20% in local contests.

You can be sure that the elite secretly approves of this. The progeny of Eton don’t care if the rest of the country begins to moan and dribble. On the contrary, popular degeneration only serves to elevate them to an even greater standing.

Indeed, this is partly why the class system exists at all. It was and is designed to segregate people according to ability, never having them intermix or interbreed with one another.

In reality, the growth of illiteracy and criminality affects all classes equally. You will have met people so afflicted on many occasions, I’m sure, no matter where you live or what company you aspire to keep.

The last time I wrote about dysgenics on this blog, I was accused of being fascistic. I suppose that’s inevitable. Hitler has forever tarnished the discussion of genetics with the stamp of extremism. Be that as it may, this is an important conversation that must be held sooner or later.



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