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One night last August, 20 year old Ceri Linden stood waiting for a taxi at the side of well-lit street in Broughton, Cheshire, having spent the afternoon with friends. Finding none to be available, she then walked to a car parked near-by with its lights on, assuming it to be a private service. Inside the car was Masood Mansouri, an Iranian migrant.

Linden was promptly welcomed inside and asked where she wished to go. Whatever she said after that was ignored and Mansouri drove her instead to his house, some miles away. There, she was violently raped and dumped back out onto the street.

Traumatised almost beyond words, Ms Linden later contacted local police and agreed to record a video statement to be used in court. Less than 48 hours after doing so, she committed suicide, swallowing an overdose of prescription pills.

This story, expounded in detail in the national press last week, has shocked and saddened the entire country. People are asking questions like ‘why?’, ‘who would?’ and ‘how can?’

But despite the heart-breaking details of this tragedy (and its enormity in the perspective of Linden’s family), it is but a microcosm of a continent-wide horror show; the clash of the barbaric and civilised sexualities.

Civilised sexuality, predominant in Europe, East Asia and America, involves a fair contest of emotions, courtship, charm and tact. Barbaric sexuality, predominant in the world of Islam, involves power, and nothing else. Whoever can overpower a woman thereby wins the right to have sex with her. The fundamental incompatibility of these moral systems is barely worth remarking upon, but remark upon it we must, if this long, gruelling trend is to be in any way abbreviated.

It is my belief that western women must be taught (from a young age) what the real danger is, where it comes from, what it looks like. To fail to do so is to leave them unprotected against the worst kind of experience imaginable.

Since we at war, a ‘war mentality’ must be developed, complete with wartime hyper-vigilance. The enemy is predatory, committed and unhindered by regular moral consideration. He lurks where women are plentiful and men are few. To face down the sex-jihad women must therefore become manly, adopting virtues from the heroic; virtues like sheltering the weak, providing comfort and protection to the vulnerable, giving offence where necessary and using force when required.

Remember that this wave of rape is distinctly political. It is committed for political ends, even in the micro. Civilisations don’t have to be weakened by atom bombs. Papercuts can do as much damage when numerous enough. With enough small incisions, the body is veiled in sheets of blood. Whole civilisations may perish this way.

For evidence, just look at Rotherham, a formerly proud and important industrial town, famed for its working-class brashness, and yet now seeming so emasculated, bruised and tamed.

The enemy is not going away any time soon. It is high-time our national resolve made an appearance.