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The 2015 general election result is in. Out of the three possibilities – great, OK or terrible – the ball has slipped into the second groove. We have an OK regime, a tolerable one, not especially healthy and not particularly self-destructive.

The Liberal Democrats have been shot to pieces and will find it difficult to survive. The Labour Party is far from dead, and will soon reinvigorate itself with younger generation of advocates (the favourite for leadership being, of course, the ‘British Obama’).

The UKIP grenade, much hyped as being nuclear in its fallout, went off with a silent puff. Farage has been fatally embarrassed. The faces of Middle England are shiny with tears. Chinks of hope for the future have closed.

The Islamisation process ongoing in parts of Britain has not been altered one bit by the result. It would have been quicker under the Labour party, and slower under UKIP. The Tories won’t interfere with it one bit.

That’s about all that can be said.