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The time has come to treat London (the uber-rich city-state landlocked by rural England) as a separate country to the UK. For at least a decade, the alleged national capital has enjoyed a reality wholly distinct from every other part of the country and consequently can no longer be considered part of it.

The ethnic English are a minority in London, having been overtaken by the African, Asian, Russian, Polish and South-European communities, many of which are now established beyond the second generation. As a result, London’s culture is markedly different to that of England and its citizens are becoming increasingly aware of this.

The capital thrives on the artificial and the shallow-rooted. England looks back to the glories of the past and seeks to maintain a connection with land and ancestry. England is generally conservative and inward looking. London is multicultural to the extreme and its political class kindles an internationalist politics to match.

All of the things ‘England’ is internationally praised for belong in fact to London. When people from England do well in society they tend to emigrate to the Smoke as soon as they can, often looking back scornfully at the country they leave behind them. London sucks the talent out of England, leaving a swelling, increasingly dominant working class, disconnected from an elite playground they feel no relation to.

While England ostensibly has many ‘cities’ of its own, only London matches the global conception of a metropolis. The large towns of the English north like Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle could only rival London if they were connected into a single city by a large underground rail network.

England is being deprived of a centre, of a capital and of a government. London’s government cannot speak the English language let alone understand the English heart. To the English, Londonians seem (and are) from another country. They are too slick and multiracial, too postmodern and accentless. Whenever they visit the barbarian territories of Stoke or Derby, they do so with the manner of charity campaigners visiting Africa to raise funds for a clean water supply. The barbarian natives of England who approach them and pitifully request that they ‘do something’ for their local ‘community’ are patiently patronised, just as an African would be in a Comic Relief short.

While it might seem as natural as rain, this internal divide has a lot to answer for. I know of no other country in which the mere mentioning of the capital city incites such deep-seated contempt.

There is even a movement, as yet marginal and undeveloped, to make London independent. If successful, this would destroy the United Kingdom as we know it and yet As things stand, the population of England would probably support this.

They are sick of the way things are. They are sick of seeing Londonian politicians visiting the Sub-Saharan classrooms of Greater London to launch pledges to an overwhelmingly White country. They are sick of a metropolitan ruling class dictating the pace to a predominantly rural nation.

The chemicals are gathered for an anti-elite explosion; a descent into the French-Revolution politics of envy and self-destruction. This isn’t something we can afford and something needs to be done about it.