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I have collected a number of articles into a downloadable kindle book now on Amazon – it’s called ‘Notes on the Deterioration of Europe’. I would be immensely grateful if some of you would purchase a copy and leave a kind review. Though most of the content is already featured on this site, a purchase in lieu of a donation would be a nice gesture.

According to wordpress, I have now written over 350 articles, enough content for many different books. To write a book is my ambition, but since I have written articles addressing too many different topics for them to be adapted into a single, flowing work, a compendium is the best I can do as of this point.

Perhaps whenever I write something that impresses you, you might buy a download as a reward. I will make about the price of a cup of coffee from each sale, and for a writer there is no more perfect currency than caffeinated beverages.

There is obviously no obligation (how could there be?), and I will continue blogging on here every week for my initial motivations. I appreciate your attention to an extent that would surprise you.

Thank you for your support.


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2 thoughts on “Support DTMW – Purchase my e-book.”

  1. Anonymous said:

    I found your site interesting and compelling. I’m glad to find your insights. As an American born in Europe and who lived there a time in the 90s I’m horrified by this new age –

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