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Kamala Harris is the downside of America. In her, the strengths of the national ethos are exposed as potential weaknesses; its hymned greatness is shown as entirely dependent on the character of the people within it; this because Harris has used everything America celebrates itself for – equal opportunity, racelessness, individuality, ambition, audacity in the pursuit of power and money, etc, – and demonstrated how such values are essentially harmful without virtue and a strong national identity to limit their abuse.

It is quite possible that I am talking here of the future vice president. Indeed, considering the un-vitality of her running mate, it is possible I am talking of the future president. Can either scenario be imagined without a shudder?

Harris has lived half a life on the principle of kiss up, kick down. She has been inflexibly conservative and generously liberal, switching hats based largely on career interest – a strategy that has left many blown-apart lives scattered in her wake.

She has cynically taken on the character of an African-American despite being Indo-Caribbean (and, not that she can help it, the descendant of slave-holders). She even announced her presidential candidacy on a day set aside to commemorate the noted ‘pussy-eater’ Martin Luther King, thereby making clear her identification with the more politically lucrative side of her ancestry, as well as her intention to squeeze it for all it’s worth.

Since then, she has been love-bombed by every liberal interest group in Washington and stands drenched in the encouragement of billionaire dollars. Her platform tends to align almost perfectly with those who have invested in her. (Harris’s own convictions are missing, presumed mythical.)

A model of woke dishonesty, the senator is a timely reminder that demographic change will not wash out the charismatic sleaziness of American politics; only alter the appearance of the actors.

Excited liberals may find out too late that womanhood and melanin are not virtues, and that when they are presented as such, it often means all else is rotten.