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Dear all,

I’ve been occupied this past week with obtaining a visa for Japan and so haven’t had the time to write anything of worth.

I did, though, find the time to watch Donald Trump’s foreign policy address in Ohio and so will briefly offer some thoughts on that.

This speech, in my opinion, was exactly the kind Trump should have been making from the beginning of his campaign. He was focussed, restrained, reasoned and lucid, never once lowering the tone with an unnecessary insult or boring the gathered with a worn-out anecdote. He didn’t insult anyone in playground terms, make any crazed accusations, etc… He stayed on-topic from beginning to end.

If you haven’t seen the speech yet, I thoroughly recommend watching it:

The press reaction the address has been tellingly muted. Unlike Trump’s previous speeches, there was no off-the-wall remark for the media to get their teeth into. Instead, they were forced to analyse the actual content and themes of the speech, to treat each point seriously, and offer, if they could, a reasonable and coherent rebuttal of them.

And they couldn’t, of course. The plan of action Trump outlined was close to perfect. In particular, his plan to introduce an ideological test for prospective migrants and travellers from the Muslim world (as well as a temporary ban on immigration from certain countries) will be hugely popular with every patriotic, thinking American.

It would be wonderful if the speech in Ohio marks a new beginning for the Trump campaign. If he can keep up this new style for the next 3 months, Hillary Clinton is toast.