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I had another post almost finished for today. I’ll have to leave that draft for next week. The story filling the news at the moment is much more serious.

As you’ll probably be aware, 50 or more US citizens have been murdered and a further 50 or so injured at a Gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. According to the media, the gunman is one Omar Mateen, a 29-year old Afghan-American citizen, described in some reports as a ‘native’ – by which they can only mean American-born. His motive has yet to be confirmed, but we can surely speculate with some confidence.

Florida governor Rick Scott responded to the attack by tweeting the following words – “This is an attack on our people. An attack on Orlando. An attack on Florida. An attack on America. An attack on all of us.”

He is almost correct. The current tragedy is certainly centred on America and the American public. But, as ever with Muslim violence, the intended target is much bigger. This is an attack primarily on homosexuality, a way of life considered sinful by the desert philosophers of Islamic orthodoxy. It is also an attack on the very right to choose how to live. Muslims don’t acknowledge the right to a private life, to private indulgences or secret pleasures. Every individual must live like every other individual. This must be understood if blame for this attack is to be accurately apportioned.

Human garbage - Omar Mateen

Human garbage – Omar Mateen

How should we react to today’s savagery? I think I know how we will react, but that is something different. We will probably react with hashtags (like the one used by UK Chancellor George Osborne on Facebook – #lovewins). This is worse than meaningless. It is a way of avoiding doing something meaningful.

Others will invert reality by claiming that the ‘domestic’ nature of the Orlando attack proves that Donald Trump’s suggestion of barring foreign Muslims from America will make no difference to national security. Others will claim that mental illness, not religion, is the motivating factor. Still others will claim that since homophobia is a general problem in the United States, equally shared by Christians and Muslims alike, no special blame should be placed on the Islamic religion.

That last fallacy needs to be tackled directly. In no way can one compare the caveman aggression of Muslims to the lazy bigotry of right-wing Christians. One kills, the other does not. Christians are uneasy with issues like bathroom usage, wedding cakes and other trivial matters. Muslims take issue with the existence of minority groups entirely.

President Obama has spoken this afternoon of his shock and sadness at the carnage in Orlando. At no point in his address (which lasted less than ten minutes) was the word ‘Islam’ mentioned, let alone Islamism or Islamic terrorism. This suggests to me that the attack will be framed in one of the ways mentioned above. Figures on the left and centre of Western politics will use it to call for stricter gun control, more investment in mental health services and a renewed effort to ‘integrate’ Muslims into the Western mainstream. All this will fail. The real problem will stay untouched, unaddressed.

The Islamic mentality is not suited to the free world. This has been proven time and time again. In Belgium, England, Scotland, America, Germany, Sweden and many other countries, modern people have been slaughtered or assaulted simply for being modern. Islam and modernity are bitterly opposed.

It feels weird to type words I’ve typed countless times before. No sensible person needs to be reminded of these self-evident truths. But on the off-chance someone deluded has stumbled across this site, I would ask them to reflect on what I’ve said. Islam is opposed to everything we love; everything we enjoy, value and celebrate.

If you like the twenty-first century at all, even a little, please join the pushback against the force threatening to destroy it.