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There are no posts this week as I’ve been enjoying an impromptu holiday in Brighton with my family.

I’m very sorry for taking yet another week off, especially so soon after my last break. To make up for it, or at least to provide some consolation for the time you’ve lost by coming to this website today, below is a film that every British person must watch before the EU Referendum on the 23rd of June. It is obviously biased. The presenter Martin Durkin is known for being rather eccentric. But the arguments made are vital, compelling and very persuasively presented.

I’m not yet sure which way I intend to vote. The issue is too large to come to snap judgements. But I do agree with many of the points Durkin makes, especially those concerning the economic stability of the continent.

As the beginning of the movie makes clear – this will be the most important election the British people have ever taken part in. The prize for getting it right is glittering. The consequences of getting it wrong will be ruinous.

I’d be very interested in how you intend to vote, providing of course that you are happy to share such information. 

See you soon,

David. DTMW.