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Hello all,

This is a note to say that I will be taking a break of four weeks from this blog. It has become clear to me of late that it is impossible to juggle the many things in my life and retain the required passion for each of them. I am working privately (as a tutor) for much of the week, which means my writing must be squeezed into the weekends, during which I have to find time for various other things as well. This all combines to make writing seem like a chore and something to ‘get out of the way’ – which is not an attitude conducive to creating sincere or interesting pieces of work.

I’ve been rather unimpressed with my recent posts. They were rushed and ended up being quite generic. You were too generous to say so, of course.

My tutoring is due to finish sometime in the next few weeks, after which I shall have too much time to write articles. Things unfortunately tend to swing between extremes. My next post will be on May 9th. I hope you will continue to visit this blog, and I am genuinely grateful for the attention I receive, especially on those plentiful occasions when such attention is unmerited.

Have a fantastic few weeks.


Defend the Modern World.