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A mournful yet grimly poetic comment on a newspaper article captured my attention last week. It was on the Guardian‘s Comment is Free webpage (of all places) and read as follows:

“Europe has been dying for decades with negative growth rates. There are not enough young people to turn the demographic process around. Young Muslim men are being imported to alter the nation. These are the saddest of our days.”

The last line deserves thinking about. One could argue, as I’m sure many other commentators on the article later did, that this kind of talk is hyperbole (and dangerous hyperbole at that). Europe has a very long and remarkably dramatic, often blood-soaked history. To suggest the present day is its saddest era is a statement in need of concrete, supporting information.

Regretfully, that evidence is easily found. As regular visitors to this blog will be aware, Europe is faced with an apocalyptic downward trend. Low birth rates, high Muslim birth rates, low workforce numbers, high immigration numbers. The perfect storm. The end of the European organism seems all but guaranteed.

It’s interesting to note that this was actually predicted a long time ago, including by the mainstream press. Back in the year 2000, the Observer printed an article which has subsequently been forgotten in the wake of events the following year. It was entitled (rather dramatically) ‘The Last Days of a White World’. Here is an extended quotation:

“The past millennium was more than anything the era of the whites. Just 500 years ago, few had ventured outside their European homeland. Then, with several acts of genocide clearing the way, they settled in North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand and, to a lesser extent, southern Africa…But now, around the world, whites are falling as a proportion of population. The United Nations collects and produces a vast array of statistics on population… the UN’s State of the World Population 1999 predicted that 98 per cent of the growth in the world’s population by 2025 will occur in lesser developed regions, principally Africa and Asia. The most significant reason for this is lower birth rates in rich countries: in 61 countries, mainly the rich ones, people are no longer having enough babies to replace themselves…In its World Population Profile 1998, the US Census Bureau predicted that by the second decade of this century all the net gain in world population will be in developing countries. ‘The future of human population growth has been determined, and is being determined, in the world’s poorer nations”


Fertility Rate by Country (enlarge to read)

The article then went on to muse on the social and economic consequences of this imbalance, with a special focus placed on the issue of immigration: “In Britain the number of ethnic minority citizens has risen from a few tens of thousands in the 1950s, to more than 3 million – or around 6 per cent of the total population. While the number of whites is virtually static, higher fertility and net immigration means the number from ethnic minorities is growing by 2 to 3 per cent a year…One demographer, who didn’t want to be named for fear of being called racist, said: ‘It’s a matter of pure arithmetic that, if nothing else happens, non-Euro peans will become a majority and whites a minority in the UK.”

Utopians like to argue that this doesn’t really matter, insisting that it is the character of a country, and not its biological content, that matters most. I can only partially agree with that. It is certainly true that were the newcomers culturally European, then a semblance of Englishness/Britishness could be maintained without an English/British majority. Alas, the newcomers are not culturally European. They are Pakistani, Afghan, Syrian, Indian, Sri Lankan, Korean and Bangladeshi.


Origin of UK Immigration

Does the passing of White peoples concern the world? I believe it should, whether it does at present or not. A post-white world – or a world in which White influence is suppressed – would be a much darker world in ways quite apart from pigmentation. As well as the Holocaust, slavery, colonialism, apartheid, communism, and fascism, the White race has invented (and largely still abides by) the most progressive racial attitude in world history.

One could prove this with an experiment. Put a White man, a Persian and an Arab in the same room. Whilst the White man is there, the Persian and Arab will pretend to be modern, evolved human beings, no longer concerned with race, tribe or ancient grievance. If the White man secretly sets a tape recorder and then leaves the room, however, he will record a remarkable and horrifying transformation. The Persian and Arab will tear into each other for reasons buried under centuries of time. A similar result will arise from using Japanese and Chinese, or Turkish and Kurdish subjects. 

The idea that modern people are not blamed for the behaviour of their ancestors is crucial to post-racial practice. It is the reason Russians do not wish to annihilate Germans. It is why Spanish people do not wish to annihilate the English. White people judge people of other races on an individual, case by case basis. Even if black people do commit more crimes than other races on average, post-racial whites give every black person they meet the benefit of the doubt, restraining judgement until evidence of criminality or malevolence is provided. After the White age ends, this pleasant sophistication will fade away, unleashing an age of primitive darkness. Racism, which has never faded as a concept in the hearts of non-White peoples, will rise to the surface, causing wars, genocides and general misery.

Religious moderation is another gift of the White peoples to the world. One of the reasons Hindu women are no longer tossing themselves on burning funeral pyres is because the English banned the insane practice outright. In the same spirit, Whites are the only race loudly protesting the use of FGM, breast-ironing and forced marriage. Without a global white standard for the third world to aspire to, the old errors and imbecilic traditions will regain prominence.


And none of this is to touch upon the moral question in all this; namely, should Whites – as much as any other tribe – have the right to resist their overcoming? The obvious answer is yes. Like any other, European (and Europe-derived) cultures are the product of thousands of years of evolution, innovation and struggle. To see the work of 3 thousand years vanish in the course of 100 is rightly perceived (by ordinary Whites) as a tragedy without precedent. It isn’t ‘genocide’, as some hot-headedly claim. But it is destruction. Something of value is being destroyed to be replaced by the excess of something that already exists. The Third World already houses and assures the continuation of Third World culture. Only Europe (and its offshoots) can incubate European culture. For the cultures of the Third World to build an annex on formerly European ground represents a loss of something. The world will be impoverished by it, not enriched.

European culture is the undergirding of modern popular culture and has been for centuries. Without European innovation there would never have been television or radio, let alone Hollywood, Disney or any of the other specific glories of the entertainment industry. The political, social and economic stability that results from a White majority supports even minority art-forms. If black people are naturally talented at hip-hop, why isn’t Africa the leading exporter of rap music? Surely the answer is that it is the combination of black talent with White culture and technological expertise that allows the creation of hip-hop, not to mention jazz, jungle, RnB, rock etc… Without it, such minorities might not be as able to express or enrich themselves.


White culture is defined more than anything by its stability. White people are boring. They pay taxes, raise families, rarely take illegal substances and by and large stay out of prison. It isn’t glamorous to be that way. But it is essential to everyone in the West that one part of society bothers to take care of these things; that one part continues to provide the straightened backbone supporting the whole. If Whites no longer worked or paid taxes, the boasted-about riches of rappers, drug dealers and street hustlers would vanish, as would the welfare, healthcare provisions and commercial life of urban minorities.

White civilisation is the only civilisation to share its territory (voluntarily) with imported foreign peoples. There are no black areas in Japan. There are no Pakistani enclaves in China. Multi-racialism (which must always be distinguished from multiculturalism) is a White virtue, exclusively and originally. Whilst we might unimaginatively consider the presence of Afghans in Canada to be in tune with the music of the universe, it is actually absurd. It is absurd for the mountain villagers of Kandahar to nest on the native soil of the Inuit. And had the Inuit retained sovereign dominion over their continental home, we can justly assume that Afghans would never have been invited to settle as they have. It is entirely because of the attitudes of the White colonisers of North America that such people have been integrated into the Western hemisphere.


White majority societies also provide by a considerable distance the world’s most tolerant environments for minority sexualities and lifestyles. Gay villages – areas in which gay men and women can openly and freely congregate – are a fixture in most European capital cities, but remain rare to non-existent in the Third World, where anti-homosexual sentiment is close to universal. In non-White communities within the West itself, anti-gay violence remains a constant feature of life, and has led many gay minority men to flee to the safety of White areas. When Whites are no longer the dominant cultural player in these countries, a renaissance in anti-gay politics seems almost certain to occur.

Whose fault is the decline of Whites? According to the internet, the blame lies squarely upon the Jewish people; specifically, on the liberalising effect of their instinctive political and social bias. Such people argue that Jews, being a minority, are naturally inclined to be suspicious  if not hostile to White ethno-centrism (which almost always excludes and/or seeks to persecute them). In this spirit, they have been at the forefront of liberal politics in the Western world for over a century. But this theory (The MacDonald Thesis) is pocked all over with gushing holes. Why would Jews want to fill Europe, currently filled with post-racial Christians and atheists, with race- and Islam-obsessed foreigners? That makes no sense to a reasonable person, and for this reason MacDonald’s ideas remain decidedly fringe.

Other candidates for blame include socialism, the Frankfurt School and the European Union. But in reality the mass import of non-Europeans into European domains is just another unpredicted by-product of international business and free trade. Globalisation, the shrinking of the world and the harmonisation of its peoples, is an irresistible force. Money rules everything. Our governments answer to it, crave it, and attend to its requirements far more readily than to yours or mine.

Even if cannot be resisted, my purpose here has been to show that the end of the White age is not a cause for celebration. No-one is enriched by it. The further the colonisation of Europe progresses, the more desperate and un-civilised the Europeans will become. To defend the ancient lines of their homelands, Europeans will come to resemble (morally and politically) the third world. They will fight with the brutality of Muslims, erect governments alike the authoritarianisms of Asia, and so on. It seems that whatever happens, the unique and invaluable European personality will be deformed, setting the world back centuries.