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“We are from Syria. You have to be nice to us. Merkel invited us.”

These were the infuriating words allegedly spoken by a refugee during a recent orgy of sexual intimidation in Cologne, Germany. On a single night, what has been described since as a ‘co-ordinated’ series of sexual assaults by Muslim migrants spread fear and terror through the streets of this picturesque, historic (and formerly peaceful) German city. Though some of the details are still sketchy (many of the women understandably remain in shock), the criminal behaviour reported should rightly put to bed the entire ‘debate’ over refugee settlement in Europe as a whole.

What do we know at this point? Well, according to the reports I’ve read, some of the men involved in this outrage are said to have plunged their hands down women’s skirts to feel their vaginas. Others tried to grasp hold of women’s breasts and attempted to lick or kiss them through the victim’s clothing. Apart from the quote above, few – if any – words were spoken during the assaults. The men simply saw something they wanted (they would say ‘-thing’ rather than ‘-one’), and felt compelled to take it, much like a child unthinkingly reaches for candy in a supermarket.

Of course, many native German men will have felt this same compulsion on occasion. It’s a regrettable part of being a man. But those men (almost all of them anyway) will have been prevented from carrying out such actions by important psychological forces; forces which seem to be wholly lacking in the Muslim mind; things like conscience, respect and social intelligence; elementary but apparently rare prerequisites of social order and civilisation. The Muslim filth who carried out the attacks haven’t developed these mental habits because they come from a region in which such habits are unnecessary.

In Afghanistan or Syria, you pick a woman, you don’t charm or fall in love with them. There, you acquire a woman in the same way you or I might acquire an apartment, a microwave or a Fiat Punto. In such environments, tact, charm and the very notion of romance is alien. A Fiat Punto isn’t your reason for being. You don’t have to respect it. You just want one, and so you get one.

In personality too, these men are thoroughly undeveloped. Socially, they are little more than children. Having been given no reason to, they have scarcely matured beyond the giggling infancy of pre-adolescence and still carry the stupid sense of entitlement we all had back at that stage of our lives. This explains the very sincere lack of understanding displayed in the quote above. Merkel invited them in, so they can take what they want while they stay.

This isn’t evil. This is simply what happens when you let cavemen wander into the modern world.

In Denmark and Norway, authorities seem to have conceded this reality and are now seeking to combat the problem directly. As you may have heard, Scandinavian social services are to hold ‘sexual etiquette’ classes for Muslim refugees. These classes are designed to instil modern sexual attitudes in the new arrivals, ‘just in case’ they might find the modern world ‘confusing’.

One can only imagine what these classes are like in practice…”If you see a woman you like, what do you do?”- “Yes. I like. So I take her as my wife now.” – “No, Abdul…”

As to whether we should be making any effort to bring Muslims up to the standards of Western civilisation is a question of taste, or of priorities. I would say such charity is the very height of generosity, but do we really owe our enemies that?