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This past week has been an eventful one for the demonic coalition variously known as Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL or (if you feel like being politically correct) ‘Daesh’.

First, in San Bernardino country, California, ISIS members cruelly abbreviated the lives of a random crowd of unfortunate civilians, shooting them all in cold blood. A few days after this, ISIS functionaries in Syria decapitated a Russian citizen before uploading footage of the crime onto the internet. And most recently, yesterday, a degenerate Muslim in London sought to slash members of the public to death on the London Underground with a machete (in this case fortunately he failed to accomplish any fatalities).

The reaction to these crimes has been different in each case, with the distinctions generally reflecting the differences in political climate in the victims’ homelands.

America reacted with that familiar blend of indignation and fury we have come to expect from our great, patriotic ally. After the identities (and religious affiliation) of the perpetrators was finally confirmed (after much prior confusion) Fox News and other right-leaning media outlets referred to the action as ‘savage’, ‘evil’ and ‘a national wake-up call’.

In Russia, as in America, the tone was one of purple-faced rage. President Vladimir Putin vowed to spill the blood of the terrorists in a tit-for-tat calculation hugely popular with the citizenry of nations which still believe in themselves (Russia, Israel, America, Australia etc…)

And Britain, dreary, silly old Britain, we responded with a hashtag campaign aimed at dampening down the threat of an anti-Muslim backlash… What a ridiculous crèche this country has become! I’m reminded of the words of Christopher Hitchens when he said  (half-jokingly) that if a Leftist found a venomous snake in their child’s bed, their first instincts would be to phone the RSPCA.

We’ve learnt nothing new over the last 7 days. ISIS have committed evil acts, but then we knew they would (somewhere). David Cameron’s decision to use our wonderful Tornado jets against Raqqa have very quickly returned an unpleasant consequence, but then we knew that would happen. The best the commentariat can do for now is to wish RAF bombs the greatest possible accuracy and the fires they generate the greatest possible heat.

Death to ISIS.