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I have never understood the appeal of English actor Benedict Cumberbatch, and given his recent remarks on the hoodlum invasion of Europe, I don’t think I ever will…

In case you have yet to hear – last week, after a performance of Hamlet in which he starred, Cumberbatch provided something of foul-mouthed encore, lecturing the captive audience on the needs of Middle Eastern ‘refugees’. Begging the governments of Europe to do more for them, he climaxed with the juvenile and decidedly un-Shakespearean words “Fuck the politicians!”.

In the private universe of the remarkably overrated, misshapen vegetable-headed fool, the British commitment to take in 20,000 hoodlums was parsimonious. Though Cumberbatch didn’t put an figure on his desired influx, by implication it must number somewhere in the hundreds of thousands, amounting to a dramatic and permanent (and completely unwanted) alteration of our national-cultural make-up.

When this fit of anti-logic was reported in the press, almost every comment beneath every article contained the same point: Why doesn’t Cumberbatch himself take in refugees? It is an obvious and simple reaction, requiring little reflection, and yet can anyone really argue with it? As far as he has made known, Cumberbatch has not taken in a single soul since the crisis began, and has made known no plans to do so either. And for all his demands for donations, I know of no large contribution made in the actor’s (quite ridiculous) name.

What is Cumberbatch asking of us here? Let’s remind ourselves., lest we feel moved to accuse ourselves of overreaction. Mr Cumberbatch is asking us to take in hundreds of thousands of single Muslim men of military age. By and large, they are NOT Syrians, but a ragtag assortment of burdens lifted from every country in the Muslim world (the largest contingent is said to be from Afghanistan – a country we have already done so too much for). Such people (as Cumberbatch will surely be aware) have no moral right to enter Europe, and do so not out of misery, but out of greed. Furthermore, since the majority are devout believers in the worst religion in the world, they will – if allowed in – create further refugee crises in towns and cities across Britain. Will the actor sympathise with these exiles too?

Cumberbatch’s moral position, as well as being stupid, borders on treason, and is well within the borders of ingratitude. The culture of Europe, the same cultural flowerbed from which Cumberbatch’s beloved Shakespearean theatre sprouted, is being sown with salt. He should be ashamed of himself for partaking in the desecration of the only civilisation that values him, that can fully appreciate his work, would tolerate his lifestyle, and that continues to pay his scandalously bloated salary.

He won’t be ashamed, though, will he? For he belongs to a liberal cosmopolitan elite that is becoming ever more detached from everyday reality, from the urban ghetto and from the common man. His opinion is worthless. His suggestions are insane. By rights, his career should now be over.