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Two deeply worrying stories have been reported in the past week, both relating to the EU policy on resettling Muslim migrants (or ‘refugees’ as we are told to call them).

First, in calm, famously genteel Sweden, a young man armed with a sword, entered a multicultural school and there proceeded to attack students and teachers alike, leaving two dead before being shot himself. Cyber-forensic operations afterward found the man to have a fetish for Nazi Germany and warm opinions of the Sweden Democrats, a political party rising rapidly on the back of Sweden’s crazed policy on asylum.

Secondly, in Germany, security services are reported to have prevented a massive terrorist attack on an asylum processing centre, bringing nine people, including several women, into police custody. The weapons cache of the group included handguns, assault rifles, illegal firecrackers and various materials emblazoned with Nazi iconography.

While I do not (and will never) excuse such vigilantism, it must be stated that our leaders were warned about this kind of thing when they made their toxic decisions. They consequently have no right to be surprised by the fallout. The people of Europe, or a majority of them at least, have consistently demanded an end to the mass-importation of Islam into their respective countries and warned of grave consequences if their concerns were ignored. This warning was a speculation, never a threat. It was an estimate based on a sound knowledge of the human condition.

No country in the world, rich or poor, civilised or barbarian, would tolerate what Europe is being asked to embrace; that is, the infusion of foreign and inferior manners, with no recompense or advantage to sweeten the trade. Turkey would not have it. India would not have it. Saudi Arabia would not have it. Nor would Japan, China, Korea (North and South) or the State of Israel. Europe is being asked to cut off one of its legs and inject the stump with typhus. A quick misery pregnant with other miseries. A total insult. A punch in the face.

When a nation is threatened in this way, the common man typically answers first to the call of duty. Unenriched by education or tact, he strikes crudely with primitive means. He has little or nothing to lose; a meagre life to trade for a bargain heroism. I feel compelled to repeat that I do not excuse such behaviour for a second. But some things have a nature sufficiently structured as to allow for predictions.

There is a slow train coming, and when it arrives we will all be the worse-off for it. I don’t like fascism. I don’t like hooliganism or random violence. I’m pretty sure you don’t either. And yet this all seems nearly inevitable now, with millions of Muslims streaming through the Balkans and Eastern Europe, unidentified, unfiltered and unpoliced.

This is the biggest crisis in post-war European history.