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In a striking video uploaded to YouTube last week, the Conservative Party brands new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn a ‘threat to the national security of the United Kingdom”, offering as evidence video footage of the squirrelly Marxist using phrases like “Our friends in Hamas” and “Our friends in Hezbollah”, as well as his now notorious lamentation of the death of Osama Bin Laden. At the time of writing, the video has received hundreds of thousands of ‘hits’, and has been broadly praised – both within and outside of labour’s swelling (but ridiculous) suburb of the imagination.

But just how dangerous is Corbyn really? Isn’t it true that the English press often exaggerates opposing viewpoints in order to discredit them, and that the scepticism inspired by this record has a reputation of being proven correct…? Yes. That is true. But on this occasion, the wolf is as real as they come.

Much has been made of the fact Mr Corbyn refused (during a service to remember the fighter pilots of WW2 – ‘The Few’ who prevented the occupation of Britain and the genocide of its Jewish population) to sing the national anthem. Commentators on both sides of the political arena have wondered aloud whether a secret republican agenda exists on Corbyn’s timetable. At the very least, they note, it seemed a profane gesture of disloyalty to the Queen, and one that can only have been deliberate. What did he mean by it? Why not just say ‘God Save the Queen?’ – does it even matter?

I think personally that it does – in this context. This is because Jeremy Corbyn, over his long, ignoble career, has never displayed a sign of real affection for the United Kingdom. His support for enemy forces in times of war represents no recent degeneration of his personality. He has always spoken warmly of the IRA despite its endless campaign of random violence against the English public. His ‘friendship’ with Hezbollah and Hamas marks only the latest phase in a lifelong campaign of anti-Zionist fire-eating. And though rumours of anti-monarchism seem as yet unfounded, Corbyn’s socialism remains of the solidly internationalist variety.

How can we possibly expect such a man to act in the national interest of the country? How can we expect a man who considers national borders to be constructs of the imagination to treat this nation with special favour?  We can’t, of course. We really can’t.

Since his election, Corbyn has selected a shadow cabinet of the sheerest rabble imaginable. Among the better known are the anti-White bigot Diane Abbott (a woman rumoured to have dated Mr Corbyn in his more tender years) who now counts as Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, John McDonnell, the notorious – if supposedly repentant – apologist for Irish terrorism, who now counts as Shadow Chancellor and the arch feminist Angela Eagle, who is now Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills.

This is joke politics. This is an ill-conceived throwback to the oil-starved, rubbish-strewn, strike-crippled days of the late Seventies. No-one in their right mind would vote for it. But what if those not in their right mind are the majority? What happens then?

Well, if Corbyn become Prime Minister, the following calamities will be visited upon us. We shall lose our prized (and much envied) partnership with the United States. Immigration will go through the roof. Anti-terror measures will be eliminated, leaving the population at risk to attack from ISIS cells. The already decimated British military will be reduced to a purely ceremonial force. The entrepreneurs (upon whom we all depend for our continued prosperity) will be chased overseas by leaping rates of tax. Far-right political parties will be brought back from the dead, threatening the harmony of English civil society… The end of Britain, in other words. The end of everything we value and have ever worked for.

Corbyn must be stopped and stopped quickly. We cannot simply lie back and rely on the ‘good sense of the British electorate’ when that good sense is not yet proven to be typical. If a friend of yours expresses support for Corbyn, you should react in the same way you would if they expressed support for al-Qaeda. Support for Corbyn must be characterised as not only wrong, but treasonous and extreme. Because that is what it is. Treasonous and extreme.