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The youtube vlogger Ramzpaul is not someone I particularly care for. He is explicitly racist, often anti-Semitic, and has long associated himself with some extremely unsavoury company. Nevertheless, this week he released video that contained a moment of shocking and important truth (which he then followed with a mad rant about the Jews – for that reason I won’t link to the video).

In the video, Ramzpaul notes that it is probably better for Budapest to be hit with a nuclear bomb than to be ‘enriched’ with the current flow of ‘refugees’. He notes that cities often recover from nuclear blasts, giving the examples of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. All it takes is time, industry and skill, and a city, however damaged by war, can be reborn as it once was.

But, the vlogger notes, it is almost impossible for a city to fully recover from cultural diversification. Unlike nuclear blasts, diversification unleashes sentient and reproducing agents into the target city. A thousand Muslims becomes ten thousand, becomes a hundred thousand, becomes a million etc…

This cannot be attenuated by repair or investment. It is there to stay. And it will only get worse.