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If you have visited this blog on a frequent basis, you may recall that in my post “Hyper Sexuality in Muslim Men”, I related the story of a female contact on facebook who had irresponsibly added Muslim strangers to her friends list and was now being deluged with perverted and inappropriate comments and messages.

Well, as an update on that situation, my friend posted a status the other day explaining that she was no longer adding men from the Middle East (read: Muslim world). Seeking to exonerate herself dodge the accusation of racism (she’s rather Left-wing) she explained that the men were frequently sending her photographs of their genitals and asking for herĀ to respond with pictures of her own.

I don’t feel even remotely smug about this. I just fell immensely relief, both for her and for those of her friends who read her harrowing account.

Please heed her warning. If you are a woman (of any age or background) be extremely careful about making friends with or otherwise coming into contact with Muslim men online.