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From relatively modest beginnings, ‘English’ hate-preacher Anjem Choudary has risen through the ranks of evil to become the star of the British tabloid press. After the hook-handed, one-eyed nightmare Abu Hamza was carted off to America to face overdue terror charges, and the equally horrific cleric Abu Qatada was deported to Jordan for similar offences, the red-top media has had to rely almost entirely on Choudary to provide their readers’ daily fill of anger and indignation.

If you sense a cynical tone in my words, you are right on the nail. The transformation of radical Islam into a pantomime, complete with quasi-humorous oddball villains is a very dangerous and inappropriate game in my view. No issue is more serious or more threatening to our country than Islam, and the reality is far darker than low-risk, smooth-talking pieces of shit like Choudary would suggest.

Serious (active) Jihadis don’t appear in documentaries, and nor do they jostle for supremacy with Sean Hannity and Pamela Geller in Fox News debate shows. They keep their rotten little heads down and plot the murder of women and children – that’s what they do. The people waving placards suggesting the murder of the Pope are usually cowards who do not have the courage of their own hideous convictions. Anjem Choudary fits that definition perfectly.

Choudary is certainly an Islamist (and an enemy of the West), but unlike some of his peers, he is a fundamentally spineless. He has never directly taken part in terrorist attacks (which, though nefarious, must involve a willingness to tolerate pain and the loss of liberty). Despite suggesting that others do so, he has refused to join his brothers in the ranks of ISIS, a refusal that makes no sense if one believes his claim to agree with their agenda. For all his hostility towards the British state, he continues to live off the British taxpayer, receiving thousands upon thousands in benefits every year. And according to certain reports (most of which he has denied), he cannot even resist the pleasures of secularism, like alcohol and casual sex with native women.

Choudary is a gigantic fraud and a gutless nobody. He doesn’t incite outrage to promote or protect Islam, but solely because he enjoys the limelight. Like a twisted Islamic Katie Hopkins, Choudary thrives on column inches and airtime, regarding himself as heroically honest, brutally articulate and historically essential.

Even Muslims are beginning to see through the act. I have read numerous accusations on social media alleging that Choudary is a state agent, hired by MI5 to whip up hostility against the Religion of Peace. He isn’t, of course. But the fact such accusations can be brought to mind is further evidence of his ideological amateurishness.

As you’ll be aware, Mr Choudary was arrested this past week on charges of encouraging support for Islamic State. While this is good news, I doubt it will lead to a satisfactory conclusion of the Choudary saga. The only fitting end would be the exile of this fake, freedom-loving con-artist to the cultural and economic wilderness he pretends to prefer.