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In case you are unaware – and it’s possible that large numbers of people are unaware given the lack of reportage in the media – ISIS Jihadists are clearly preparing to attack the British capital.

Three stories in particular lead me to this conclusion.

On Armed Forces Day (the 27th of June) a plot by ISIS fanatics to bomb a military parade in the borough of Merton, South London was foiled by police working in league with an undercover agent. A week later, on the 4th of July, Pakistani intelligence reported the capture of 3 militants in Peshawar, among whose possessions were detailed maps of London, ISIS materials and documents describing the most heavily populated areas of the city. And finally, about a week ago, a man (as yet unidentified) was photographed carrying a large ISIS standard down a street opposing the Houses of Parliament.

You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to put the pieces together here. We are due for a bloody nose; something along the lines of 7/7 and possibly worse. And as efficient as our security services have proven over the past ten years, if ISIS are determined to strike London, there is little that can be done to stop them. Eventually they will succeed. And then what?

If or when the attack comes, what will be the aftermath? I truly hope it’s more substantial than the passive aggressive silence that followed Lee Rigby’s slaughter. That is far from a given though, and so, if they are needed, here are some suggestions:

1. Surround and protest the Mosques connected with the perpetrators and petition for their closure/destruction.

2. If you have any Muslim friends on social networks who do not condemn the attacks, delete them and encourage friends to do the same with their own contact lists. Be brave and inform them why they are being shunned.

3.  If you haven’t already, ‘like’ the LibertyGB and EDL facebook pages and share their messages.

4. Talk to a liberal friend about Islam and provide them with the Quranic verses promoting violence against non-believers (and introduce them to this blog or like-minded sites like VladTepes, Gates of Vienna etc…).

5. Send a (polite, non-aggressive) email your local MP favouring hard and immediate measures against any organisation or ‘charity’ connected to Jihad. I have emailed MPs many times. All of them read and replied to my messages. It is worthwhile. Even if your MP is a sponge-brained liberal, they cannot ignore the majority indefinitely. It is vital to make use the power of the majority while we still have it.

6. Befriend an ex-Muslim.

7. Support local campaigns against the construction of Mosques.

I strongly believe that these measures over time can yield tangible results.

I understand that none of them have the thrilling glamour of civil war or terrorism, but then the defence of the status quo is always less glamorous than the initiatives of revolution.

We are at war with madness. A consistent and boring stupidity, unwilling and unable to recognise its ugliness and distance from the truth. The glamour it possesses is the glamour of the vandal; the dazzle of the rough and dreadful destroying the precious and worthwhile. It is not a glamour worth having.