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The military success of the Islamic State terror group has been almost unbelievable. With a numerical strength of just 25,000 (according to the CIA) IS fighters have performed with such efficiency that Kurdish resistors routinely estimate the true figure as being as high as 250,000.

For over a year now, the Islamic State has fought on three fronts. To the East, the State engages Shia Iraqi and Iranian state Militias. To the South, it sees off the Syrian Army and multiple Free Syrian factions. To the North, it grapples with Kurdish groups and allied Western paramilitaries. If this weren’t enough, the State is also bombed around the clock by a coalition of Arab air forces.

And yet, in spite of this, the organisation grows in strength week by week.

Who or what will it take to degrade the power of this demonic entity? The only answer I can think of is the State of Israel.

“Why is it Israel and ISIS haven’t clashed yet?” – This question is asked regularly by conspiratorial types on the internet, the insinuation being that the Jews actually support the terror group, or at least so approve of its actions against Assad that they feel the benefits outweigh the risks.

I suppose the latter idea isn’t crazy. Assad is certainly a sworn enemy of Jerusalem and his (large and threatening) army is being substantially harmed by the conflict. But even so, given the speed of IS’s advance (and also the threat the group poses to Jordan – Israel’s only genuine ally in the region) a confrontation between Israel and IS may ultimately be inevitable.

ISIS are obviously opposed to Zionism and though they deem Hamas to be made up of apostate ladyboys, they do share many of its goals. As the ISIS frontline bulldozes its way down from the Syrian desert towards the Golan Heights, IDF units will have to adopt a more aggressive posture. This will probably start with a live-fire exercise or two in order to deter the terrorists away without engaging them, but that seems unlikely to work. ISIS are anything but cowards. Stimulated with a fanatical lust for the afterlife, the lovers of perpetual Jihad will surely welcome the opportunity to fight a superior foe.

But what would an IS/Israel look like? We can only guess.

I can certainly tell you what I hope it looks like. Dearest reader, I hope it resembles the apocalypse. I hope missiles rain down like hail, leaving deep craters in the desert. I hope Merkava tanks roll over the rubble of knocked down fortifications, their raised guns popping shells into enemy ranks. I hope the Israeli Air force’s reputation for overkill is made to seem naïve. I wish for fire, smoke and obliteration – Biblical precedents of death. I want Left-wing tears, UN panic attacks, desperate pleas for a ceasefire that never comes. I want the conclusive humiliation of political Islam – a knockout counterpunch from the 21st century against the 7th.

Infeasible? Don’t be so sure. With every passing minute, the gap diminishes. With every passing minute, the mouse stumbles closer to the python.