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One of the joys of being politically incorrect, of being a free-thinker, someone who yields always to the best available evidence is that every day one gets to watch those who think otherwise make exotic mysteries out of obvious truths.

The quote below was shared on my facebook news feed by a liberal contact who is otherwise quite rational. The last time I looked, it had received over 12,000 ‘likes’ and many thousands of adoring endorsements.

“Wow, I wonder why so many cops in so many different cities treat Black People the same way. Almost like there’s some kind of systemic issue.”

To a stodgy, heavy-footed mind, I suppose the logic rings out as perfectly tuneful. Why are police officers so committed to arresting, tackling and disarming black people at a greater rate than other ethnicities? And on a repeated, nationwide scale? Just what do police have against black people?

This reminds me of the pleading of Leftists in defence of our Muslim friends . “Why are we disproportionately taking military action against Muslim countries, as opposed to others?”

“What does the civilised world have against Islam?”

To rent the curtain sustaining both mysteries, let’s deal with these in order – firstly, Black people (on average) commit more crime than any other racial group. This is why there is more police action against Black people than members of other races. This is also why there is more police brutality against Black people than against other races. Since there will always be bad apples in a national police force, and given the greater priority that force is compelled to give to one race, it is statistically more likely the bad apples will fall on them.

Secondly, the Muslim world is the most corrupt, idiotic and barbarous division of the Earth’s landmass. Over 90% of major terror attacks worldwide are committed by Muslims, and Muslim countries accommodate a similarly large percentage of the world’s paramilitaries, dictatorships, civil wars and genocides. That is why the civilised world is compelled to intervene in Muslim countries more than in others.

To concede these things is not to deny that Black Lives Matter, because they do. I love Black people, and I hope that by understanding the root cause of their present misfortune they can take an axe to it. Muslim lives matter too. A child brought up in a Muslim family deserves my sympathy rather than my hatred. But he/she also deserves an honest explanation as to why the Tomahawks and JDAMS seem more naturally attracted to her/his patch of living space than to others.

To avoid any charge of Eurocentric bigotry, I will add that American Caucasians are more likely to be paedophiles than other divisions of the US population (and this is calculated after groups are levelled in size). White people are also fatter on average than other races. They commit more crimes in the area of fraud and finance than any other group, and so on.

As a general principle, reality is a relaxed and pleasure-filled domain. The muscle-tensing stress of having to avoid obvious facts is absent here. One can simply bathe in the unspoilt sun of what is actually taking place. To know why things happen the way they do is at once uplifting and consoling.

The red pill is a euphoriant.