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The vote share of the BNP has collapsed. At this month’s general election, the Party polled 97% fewer votes than it did 5 years prior.

This is excellent news and for many reasons. First and foremost among them is the fact that the BNP and its ideologues are wholly destructive to the cause of British resistance to Islam.

While the noises made by the party seem superficially in our favour, they are made with such a lack of grace, intelligence and literacy that they play as Mozart in the ears of our Leftist opponents.

It is all very well to say ‘Ban the Burka’, ‘no to Sharia’ or ‘support freedom of speech’. But when these common sense attitudes are espoused by people who – in other contexts – claim that Jews (who else) are secretly lobbying for the destruction of the white race via forcible miscegenation, they are liable to fall flat.

I will admit to visiting the BNP website far more often than I should. But over time, this has left me in no doubt that these thugs are doing incalculable damage to our cause and ultimately to our chances of cultural self-preservation. The demise of the organisation (and the eventual defection of its electorate to more moderate and sensible parties like LibertyGB) is a victory for all of us.