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Today, Western-located affiliates of the Islamic State (aka ISIS – aka ISIL) have posted onto the internet photographs (taken by themselves) of tourist spots in various European cities. In the picture above, the card held in front of the camera warns that “We (ISIS) are in your streets” and was taken in the Italian Capital, Rome.

This (in my opinion) should be enough to trigger a state of emergency, one that allows for drastic police actions and the suspension of normal order. Given the nature of the enemy and its ambition, the presence of ISIS-affiliated fighters in Europe demands serious and immediate precautionary measures from our security services.

None will be forthcoming of course, and the reason? We can never take a threat seriously anymore. Our defensive reflexes are worn out, drained of their former vitality.

I write this fully aware that it is futile. I do it simply because I don’t want to feel any guilt when the treasures of Rome become like the treasures of Nineveh.