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You’ll have heard by now that a repeat of the Charlie Hebdo massacre was only narrowly averted last Monday.

In the great state of Texas, a competition to draw the best caricature of the Prophet Muhammad was invaded by two armed Muslim militants likely intending on assassinating the organisers of the event, the iconoclastic blogger Pamela Geller and the leading counter-jihad politician Geert Wilders.

Thankfully, given the American way of security, the assailants were quickly disposed of before they could steady a shot. Some civilians were injured, some were simply rattled, but over-all the enterprise was a delightful failure. How wonderfully refreshing this seems from a British viewpoint! The old adage ‘Don’t f*** with Texas’ seems very well grounded in reality.

After the gun-smoke cleared, the event went on to trigger a new round of discussion on the near-ancient clash of Western notions of liberty and the religion of Islam. Unhindered by European notions of Political Correctness, the Fox News channel was particularly quick to orchestrate debates on this matter (one of which, incidentally, included an appearance by the nation-shaming piece of shit Anjem Choudhry. Let’s hope devoutly that one day he himself falls foul of the US police force).

One has to wonder how long this can possibly go on. The confrontation in question is so clear-cut and simple that the ‘debate’ over who is right or wrong demeans anyone who engages in it. Put most concisely, this is a wacky collection of bearded maniacs vs. everything worth living for.

In a conflict like that, who can possibly be on the fence?

As to Ms Geller herself, I urge you to re-examine your opinion of her. Brash, she certainly is. Abrasive, she certainly is. Jewish, she certainly is… But is she not also brave? Does any other figure in the Islamophobic community put life and limb on the line as much as she does? Has she not done more than any other public figure to raise awareness of the Islamist menace? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then we are in her debt.

There are some who would view the title of this post as laughably contradictory. Pamela Geller vs. Intolerance? Ha! Don’t be ridiculous. She is the most intolerant person around.

To those I would say… of what is she intolerant? Of stonings, limb amputations and terror bombings?  Well, what kind of person is not intolerant of that? What value does tolerance have if it comes at the expense of life?

Sayyid Qutb, the Egyptian philosopher of political Islam, once wrote that “In a battle between good and evil, one step in retreat is blasphemy.”

Like it or loathe it, that is a noble attitude, and entirely correct (even if his idea of good and evil are the wrong way around). Consequently, there are no halfway houses, Swiss exemptions or island isolations worth retreating to. The Muslims want the whole world. They want you and your family, your daughters and your sons. Are you courageous enough to oppose them?

Pamela Geller is.