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I warned some time ago that a British Obama is being prepared for prime-ministerial contention in the near future. While this warning was made frankly enough, I seem to have underestimated the speed with which the liberal media would advance the prospect.

Chuka Umunna, the youthful, mixed-race Labourite with absolutely nothing to be said for him is fast becoming a daily feature in British newspapers. No article is published without a reference to the American President, and this is obviously for a reason.

Britain is being softened up for a well-known socialist con-trick: the use of the race card to forward despised government policies.

Let there be no illusions, Britain doesn’t like Labour anymore. They may vote for the party out of greater hatred for the Tories, but that’s something entirely different. Mass immigration, limitless welfare and sky-high government borrowing have failed the test of reality. Every citizen in all green England recognises Labour rule as a national indulgence for which the country ultimately pays the price.

Socialism thus relies on the power of personalities, just as unpalatable food relies on sugar and sauce to mask its destructive essence. Our instinctive reactions must first be deliberately weakened.

Barack Obama (the real one) has done very little for the United States. Indeed, his political obituary is best written in failures… He has failed to act on ISIS. He has failed to act on illegal immigration. He has failed to act on the national debt. He has failed even to do the things the Left hoped he would do, like close Guantanamo, heal the diplomatic rifts created by President Bush and stop the oceans from rising (yes, he really claimed to be able to do this).

Obama was elected for his historical value, not his political competence. Umunna likewise is being dishonestly lionised for aspects of his humanity that are irrelevant to his political capability.

I call on people to put their minds before their hearts. Mr Umunna may be an affable enough person, but those who are making use of him are deeply cynical and must be called to account.