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The respected polling and research company Pew released the results of a very interesting study last week. Using a model of demographic projection based upon current trends, the authors have approximated the religious make-up of every country in the world in the year 2050.

Here (in no particular order) are some of the key facts.

In 2050…

– The Muslim population of Britain will make up 11.3% of the general population.

– In the Netherlands, Muslims will make up 9.4% of the GP.

– In Italy, Muslims will make up 9.5% of the GP.

– In Germany, Muslims will make up 10% of the GP.

– In France, Muslims will make up 10.9% of GP.

– In Sweden, Muslims will make up (and I found this staggering) 12.4% of the GP.

In the other countries of Western Europe, the percentage hovers somewhere between 4% and 10%. Eastern Europe is predicted to remain largely homogenous.

How do you feel about those numbers? I’m very interested in your responses.

Of course, as to whether this landmark study will serve to bolster our position or else infuse it with a new caution depends entirely on the pre-existing bias of its interpreters. Many of the most important questions raised by it are heavily subject to distortion by value. (Exactly how many Muslims is ‘too many’? – Are the swelling number of Hindus similarly problematic? – and so on).

From my perspective the figures are only mildly surprising. The figure for France, I will admit, is lower than I had presumed, while the figures for Sweden and Britain are much higher. Overall, the problem has very slightly changed its pattern of emphasis, but not altered significantly in its potential.

I suppose that all we can do with a study of this kind is to project our imaginations forward and try to judge the future. In attempting to do so, I think I mourn for Sweden more than anywhere else. The destiny I imagine is so out of kilter with Sweden’s history, with its character and with all its ancestors worked for that it seems freakishly unfair. This never needed to happen. There is nothing natural or inevitable about a Nordic country having a Muslim minority. Geographically and geo-politically, Sweden is blessed with isolation from most of the troublespots of the world. The fact it has been so altered is the result of traitorous policies that must one day be answered for.

Some might (and will) say that 12.4% of a population is not large enough to exert an effect on the majority, but I fear such people are simply wrong. African-Americans, the most influential cultural group in the US are only 13.2% of its national population. American Jews, another powerful element in the country’s national life, are 3%. 12.4% is a perfectly sufficient foothold for cultural transformation.

I have a feeling that even the parts of Europe that remain free from Muslim settlement will be negatively altered in character by all this. Gone will be that funny, cheese-eating euro-liberalism we used to mock so affectionately before the conquest found its feet. It’s replacement will be banal, repetitive, proletarian hate.

What the Pew organisation has forewarned us of is not quite the ‘end of the world’, but it is the end of the one we value and have sought, in vain it now seems, to protect.