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Despite all the heat generated by it, the whole UKIP phenomenon has always left me feeling rather cold. I understand the excitement people feel about it – such is the intensity of hatred felt for the established political class, any promise of fresh thinking must seem like desert rainfall – but I can never find the will to leap upon the procession myself.

And it’s not that I dislike Nigel Farage, I really don’t. I like the way he speaks and I like what he says. It’s that I don’t trust him; not as far as I could throw him.

As is by now well known, UKIP policies change with the weather. On one day, they are nationalists, and on the next, internationalists. On one day, they despise immigration, and on the next, they find a way of embracing it. Farage has shredded more paper than a Lehmans’ Brothers executive, with each year’s manifesto bearing little resemblance to the one that came before it.

This might not be problem if the party always got the crucial issues right, but they don’t. As Islam gradually eats away at the viability of Western nation-states, Farage vigorously denies any ill will towards it, preferring to say nasty things about Poles and Bulgarians instead.

This unreliability means that those of us with a serious attitude to Islamisation must look elsewhere for inspiration and leadership. Where might we find it?

Well, the closest thing Britain has to a Geert Wilders figure is undoubtedly Paul Weston, former leader of the British Freedom Party and current leader of LibertyGB. Weston, a former member of UKIP, makes no secret of his Islamorealist position and was recently arrested for making a speech about it. He blogs regularly and was an important figure in the establishment and maintenance of the English Defence League.

One of the things I like best about Mr Weston is that he is impossible to describe (as the media would like to describe anyone of his political orientation) as a ‘thug’. His gentlemanly demeanour and power of articulation clash garishly with the expectations of the brainwashed masses. Weston is no Nick Griffin. He doesn’t associate with Holocaust deniers or KKK ‘wizards’. He is simply an educated, historically aware citizen who wants to preserve his country.

Pasted below is a video of a speech by Mr Weston recorded in 2013. He is responding (with a thrilling and proportionate anger) to the slaying of Drummer Lee Rigby. Compare and contrast this willingness to speak the truth with Farage’s numberless evasions, and you can surely appreciate what I’m trying to say.