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A news link almost made me choke on my coffee this week. The headline – in dramatic bold type – read “Child sex abuse gangs could have assaulted ONE MILLION youngsters in the UK.”

After re-reading the headline multiple times and having checked out its legitimacy on other websites, I began to read the article beneath:

“There could be up to a million victims of child sexual exploitation in the UK, it is feared. Rotherham’s Labour MP Sarah Champion describes it as a “national disaster” and is demanding a taskforce to fight the “horror… She is currently getting an average of 10 victims a week coming to her for help… Fighting back tears she told how she feared having a nervous breakdown worried about failing the “amazing women” and her horror after finding out a manual for grooming existed for paedophiles.”

Incidentally. the article under consideration was on the Daily Mirror website, a fact that only serves to make it all the more believable (the Mirror is widely seen as sympathetic towards the Labour Party). I hope other newspapers pick up on the estimate in time and share it with their own readership.

If true, this really is quite unprecedented. One million children assaulted. A war crime of 20th century proportion. How can this have happened? This isn’t Cambodia or Myanmar, but a modern country of Starbucks restaurants, sitcoms and international business. And there is a ‘manual for grooming’ going around? A ‘manual’?

At the end of the day, there is really nothing I can say that I haven’t already said on this matter, and so I’ll simply repeat myself: Get them out. Protect our most vulnerable compatriots. Remove the terrorists and felonious schemers from our midst. If you need a volunteer to drag the creeps out from their houses, show me where I can sign up. Every day they remain in this country is a disgraceful one.

There are so many other things we could be getting on with in this splendid, talented country. We could be seeking out the secrets of matter, colliding particles and painting pictures. We should never have had to learn the irrelevant, nonsensical minutiae of Islamic doctrine, nor should we have had to waste a single calorie taking part in arguments a 6 year old could win.

Get them out.