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There is no greater privilege than to be a citizen of the Western World. Here, we are rich, happy, free and our culture is a standard to which all other civilisations aspire.

The possibilities open to a citizen of Amsterdam, London or Paris are boundless. There are no death squads or virtue police here, no public lashings or beheadings. People don’t defecate in the street or spread HIV by raping babies (as in South Africa). Here you are guaranteed a very high standard of living and liberty. Though this obviously should never be taken lightly, sadly all too often it is.

I’m not an ethno-nationalist; to me, being ‘Western’ requires no qualification of blood. Jews, though they originate in the East, are Westerners. Japanese people are Westerners. African-Americans are Westerners. Atheist Turks, Persians and Arabs can also be Western so long as they renounce loyalty to Islam and terror.

So when the Moroccan Mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb shocked the Dutch media by telling those Muslims who do not wish to integrate to ‘pack their bags and fuck off’, I was pleased to see that his countrymen were quick to offer their solidarity and appreciation.

The surprise his outburst generated is in-itself tragic. Being a Moroccan doesn’t mean you are wedded to barbarism. Iranians are not genetically predestined for theocracy. Black people are not born for the ghetto. Your race doesn’t (or shouldn’t) condemn you to anything.

And if you’re a Muslim reading this, perhaps you can one day call yourself a Westerner too. You’d better be quick about it though. Time is fast running out to pick a side.