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The week before last, Fox News’ self-described ‘terrorism expert’ Steven Emerson attracted a great deal of derision for describing Birmingham, the second city of the United Kingdom, as wholly Islamic and barred to natives.

Emerson was clearly speaking off the top of his head in that interview and his description is obviously inaccurate. Nevertheless, if he wanted to illustrate the incursion of Islam into Western European life, he couldn’t have picked a better example.

I hate Birmingham. I won’t bother to deny this. Whenever I have travelled there to shop or meet friends, the experience has never failed to leave me depressed, degraded and worried about the future of my country.

True, not everyone in the city is Muslim, but the 26% who are exert a disproportionate amount of influence over those who are not. The city as a whole has a palpably third-world feel to it. Anarchic market stalls proffer spices and counterfeit clothing. Kebab and curry houses outnumber fish and chip shops.

The buildings in Birmingham are run down (terribly so in comparison with London). Unemployment is high and local aspiration gutterishly low. Due to rapid immigration, the White population has gradually moved out to the suburbs around the city, leaving the city centre divided between Africans and Pakistanis. There is no subway. Not even a city-wide tramline. Local buses are notoriously unreliable and – at night – rather dangerous. Crime is high, though not as high as London (this can only be because of the greater wealth in the capital).

The local economy is dominated by the Bullring, a giant shopping mall which doubles as the centre of town. Garishly oversized and architecturally offensive, the Bullring provides the only pull for outsiders to venture in. Outside of the mall itself, the city boasts only a smattering of badly-maintained corner stores and identikit supermarkets.

The residential areas of Birmingham are sprawling and make up at least 80% of the city’s land area (London and Manchester are more evenly cut between residential and commercial). This sprawl lumped arbitrarily together as a single entity is the only reason Birmingham is considered the 2nd city of the UK. If cities were judged on their commercial centre (a more sensible idea in my opinion) then Birmingham would not even figure in the top ten.

As will surprise nobody, the local Islamic population have made a name for themselves in the fields of pimping, paedophilia, gang-crime and terrorism. Uncountable Muslims from the area have been arrested for extremism – many to later end up on Guantanamo bay.

Only last year, a national scandal erupted when it was discovered local Muslim supremacists had tried to take over the city’s school system. Known as the ‘Trojan horse’ scandal, this plot would have seen hundreds of thousands of children exposed to Saudi-style ‘educational’ materials, one widely-publicised piece of which dictated the correct way to sever the hand of a thief.

I wish I could think of a redeeming feature for this city, I really do, but I can’t. It is a horrible place and should the rest of Britain go the same way, rates of emigration will spike like never before.