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“…Freedom’s battle, once begun,
Bequeath’d by bleeding sire to son,
Though baffled oft, is ever won.

At times like these, with a continent sparking steadily ablaze, Britain ceases to be a country and becomes a province of something greater. After the massacre in Paris, we are Europeans.

Though we might dislike the European Union with an exaggerated passion, we must strive to remember that Europe is our common home; that on this continent, we have siblings of beautiful variety, all of whom share the same ideals as we do. France is our farmland; Germany, our factory; Spain, our place in the sun. Europe is a civilisation in and of itself.

At the base of the country I currently write from, there is a place called Tarifa; an ornate beach city, famous for its white sand and deep blue waters. Across the Mediterranean river, no more than an hour away by boat, is Morocco.

The standard of living in Morocco belongs to the miserable past. There, chaos permeates everything and makes impossible the order necessary for commerce. Religion, of the most stuffy and regressive variety stultifies the local population and prevents cultural evolution. The natives of that country would kill to be where we are. Not just in Britain or Spain; they’d gladly settle for Germany, France, Luxembourg or even Estonia.

And this has nothing to do with economics. It has everything to do with the superiority (by every measure) of our civilisation. Unlike them, we are blessed with stable economies, relaxed secular governments, epic histories, marble grandeur and decadent modern excess.

There really is nowhere quite like Europe. While it’s true that the USA, Canada, Korea and Japan all have wealth and free societies, they do not have our philosophers, poets, symphonies and frescos, that peculiar sophistication in food, art, literature and language that Europe has possessed ever since the renaissance. The USA and Canada would not even exist were it not for Europe and the adventurous spirit coiled in the hearts of its people.

Muslims hate and love our cultural success simultaneously. One half of the (male) Muslim mind dreams of marrying Monica Bellucci, the other half dreams of killing her. One half of the Muslim mind dreams of integrating into London, the other half dreams of destroying it.

Energised by this confused longing, Muslims have begun to move to Tarifa in large numbers. Morocco creeps northward, rolling back the clock as it goes. Local attitudes devolve, freedoms grow vulnerable and buildings fall into haggard disrepair.

We should be prepared to do almost anything to prevent this. If we fail, a thousand years of progress will be lost in just a few decades. A stand must now be made and a whispered sentiment made explicit.

From hereon, only Christians, Jews and ex-Muslims should be allowed to emigrate from the Muslim world to Europe. This is basic common-sense. Those Muslims who are already here should be forced to move somewhere else.  

European Leftists – if they are to be taken seriously on anything ever again – must look beyond the limitations of their doctrine. It isn’t ‘good-natured’ for liberals to side with those who hate liberty. It’s stupid and cartoonishly hypocritical. How dare they continue to enjoy art, and at the same time protect the enemies of self-expression…How dare people attend anti-‘Islamophobia’ rallies in Placebo or David Bowie t-shirts. How can they not see something so obvious?

Muslims hate (and would outlaw) everything we celebrate. That is why we fight. The longer people take to concede this, the more stupid history will make them look.