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The 21st century will see the United States transform from a country (and culture) dominated by Northern Europeans, to one dominated by Latinos and Hispanics. I won’t offer an opinion as to whether this constitutes something worthy of regret, as I don’t really have one. What I will say is that one possible consequence of this must be prevented at all costs – a racial-cultural alliance between Latinos and the Islamic world.

This is not an irrational fear. At the United Nations, there is a well established trend for Latino (and Lusitanian) countries to vote in line with the states of the Middle East. The Palestinian complaint in particular, has found a great deal of sympathy in Latin America and the hallucinatory ‘State of Palestine’ has now been officially recognised by numerous regional governments.

The self-identification of Latinos with the image of the romantic insurgent (made iconic by Che Guevera), together with the local dislike and suspicion of the United States has led to a natural kinship with anti-American regimes in Iran, Syria and Gaza. White racism against Mexicans in the United States further compounds this.

For now, this is of little consequence. However in the future, when the Hispanics rule America and Brazil surges toward the status of a superpower, we could find a whole continent leaning sympathetically toward our enemies.

How do we break this axis? Well, in theory at least, it should be rather easy.

Latin culture values things that Islam finds abhorrent. Even more so than the rest of the Western world (and I would include Latin America in the Western definition), Latino nations are places of celebrated vice. With their liberal attitudes to sexuality, carnivals, public artworks, music, tequila, cigars, transsexualism and beauty contests, Mexico and Cuba really couldn’t be more incompatible with the revolting stuffiness of Pakistan or Saudi Arabia.

This should be emphasised at every opportunity. We should make it clear that Iran is simply being hypocritical when it sends over gay-hating, virginal clerics as smiling ambassadors to Havana or Caracas.

We should also lobby for greater US and EU ties to Latin states. Barack Obama, for all his other stupidities, has done the right thing in bringing Cuba back into the Western orbit. Venezuela should also be presented with a friendly hand and its government negotiated with rather than lectured.

Latin countries are a part of – and absolutely essential to – our civilisation. They should be valued as such.