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As I write this, riots are convulsing through the small Missourian city of Ferguson. The attributed cause of this disorder concerns the suicide-by-police officer of a young African-American man called Michael Brown.

According to unbiased sources, the story goes something like this: Michael Brown, a known thug, violently resisted the enquires of a police officer (Darren Wilson), called him a pussy and dared him to shoot him. After a short pursuit, the situation ended abruptly when Wilson opened fire and killed Brown, allegedly while the 18 Year old’s hands were raised.

From the moment the case was reported in the press, the African-American grievance machine has been rolling at full speed. Clergymen, politicians, Leftist celebrities and uncountable ‘community leaders’ have asserted Brown’s complete innocence, with some going so far as to describe the shooting as ‘racially motivated’.

Yesterday (Tuesday), the press-soaked hearing of Officer Wilson found that he had acted within the law and had not transgressed reasonable limits of behaviour. Predictably, the verdict set off a flame-orgy of violent improvisation in and around Ferguson. Businesses have been looted, cars set on fire. The exact measure of the damage is still being calculated.

This is all very familiar isn’t it? Why does this keep on happening? Why has it occurred in such varied locations as Detroit, Los Angeles, London, Manchester, Chicago and Paris?

Something is certainly going on for this kind of tragedy to continually befall the same community. Are Western police innately racist? This is certainly the insinuation of the protestors. Is that it? Racism?

No. It isn’t. Blacks are not being unfairly victimised. The real explanation – and the one that will never be offered in the sanitised half-sleep of the media – is biology.

Scientists are in no doubt whatsoever about the differing levels of testosterone in the racial groups of man. They know full well that Africans have a greater propensity to aggression and criminality than other ethnic groups, and they are only stopped from saying so by the vicious mafia-like intimidation of the Academic Left.

Blacks commit more crimes (proportionate to their numbers) than Whites. This is why a greater percentage of Blacks are in prison than Whites and Asians.

This isn’t a romantic truth, I know. It provides no heroes and villains. It can’t be set to music. You can’t change it with a riot.

It is the truth nevertheless.