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It won’t surprise you to know that I don’t have any Muslim friends on facebook. I do however have friends who have (at least virtually) and so I can’t help but see some of the interactions.

One of my Muslim-friendly contacts is a woman, 25 years of age. Being slightly narcissistic, she tends to post 4 or 5 ‘selfies’ a day taken on her mobile phone. And on these occasions, I’ve noticed, it’s her Muslim ‘friends’ who supply almost all the ‘likes’ and comments.

Believers as far flung as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Oman type excited drool over her every image. The comments are often invasive and rude. On one astonishing occasion I noticed the casual question ‘Have you been with another man before? If not, please inbox me.” (I’m not making this up).

Others offer marriage, or compose cheap, hallmark-card lyricisms, still others chasten her for her choice of dress. As for her Western friends, they say nothing, retaining the tact not to join with such horrible, crowded masturbation. For my own part, I have personally contacted the woman to warn her of the stupidity and danger of what she is doing. It’s been to no avail.

But let it not be doubted, what she is doing is dangerous. Call me a nasty, unfeeling racist, but for a young Western woman to be socialising with Muslim men in this way is irresponsible, stupid and potholed with potential disaster.

Like you, I have lost count of how many times I have read stories of a Western woman (of any background) being stalked by the Muslim man she met online or on holiday and was silly enough to flirt with. At least one story like this is published every week in a British tabloid. Some are more remarkable than others.

On one recent (comical) occasion, a Turkish Muslim waiter travelled all the way to Wales after a Welsh woman casually remarked to him during their holiday that he was ‘welcome in Wales anytime’. Her casual, light-headed pleasantness was evidently taken rather too literally.

Here’s another Turkish horror story as reported in the Daily Mail:

“To win the heart of a young British waitress he had met in Cyprus seven years earlier, a Turkish businessman set off on an eight-month odyssey in a tiny yacht, braving stormy seas and travelling 2,500 miles to track her down… The only problem was that the object of his affections, Courtney Murray, had never indicated any interest in him, and in fact had fled her job in Cyprus to escape his disturbing and persistent overtures…This was not enough to deter (him), however, from a quest that has seen him arrested, lose his job as a company director and, as he put it, get banned from ‘more countries than Osama Bin Laden’… His bizarre journey has now been brought to an abrupt end after he was arrested in a British port on Friday and told he will be deported.”

A high percentage of stalkers in the UK are Muslim. The background to each case is always a variation on the same theme described above. A White or non-Muslim girl stupidly flirts with a Muslim man and then forgets about it, only to later find out that the Muslim has become obsessed.

And it isn’t just stalking that potentially awaits you, but violence too. Just this week, it was reported that a beautiful young Englishwoman (unnamed for legal reasons) married a Pakistani businessman after a whirlwind affair, only to then suffer a ruthless campaign of violence and controlling behaviours that included the Muslim monitoring her movements with an electronic tag.

There are literally hundreds of other examples I could reproduce for you to emphasise this trend, but that would be a herculean task. It would be better to pose the question: Why does this happen?

It’s actually rather simple: Muslims, unlike kafir, are hyper-sexual. Starved of sexual images, sexual thoughts and sexual activity from birth, they emerge into adulthood as nightmarish Freudian mutants, tickled into arousal by the slightest kindness from a free, unveiled woman. They simply cannot help themselves. It all seems too good to be true; a free woman, with a naked face; a woman who can choose her own lovers without any input from her familial or tribal elders.

This condition would also explain the staggering findings of a study into internet search terms, in which it was discovered that terms like ‘goat sex’, ‘horse sex’, ‘incest’ and other bizarre enquires were abnormally popular in the countries of the Muslim world.

Please be safe, sisters. Don’t flirt with Muslim men, even virtually. It might come back to haunt you in a most terrible way. What’s casual for you, might not be for them.