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When Germany fell into the deep psychosis of Hitlerism, its people were led to identify Slavs and Jews as the greatest enemies of Western culture. The Jews, they were told, were a canny collective mobilising dull-witted East-European muscle in a struggle against the Aryan race. They heard this. They believed this. And in the course of the Second World War, a fourth of Poles, a Fifth of Russians and a third of Jews were murdered for no reason other than this misbegotten idea.

These ideas have not gone away; they have only become modified. The Slavs are now forgiven for their heritage and are sought as allies for the cause. In the West and the world of Islam, open loathing for the Jewish race is as ubiquitous as ever.

The absurd image above is signed ‘Ben Garrison’ but only parts of it were drawn by him. In Garrison’s original, the caricatures referred to big government and the ‘New World Order’. Online pranksters (mostly from the website 4chan) added the Semitic embellishments, as they have done to numerous other works by the same cartoonist.

This has meaning by itself. The anti-Semitism of the modern world has become so entwined with popular mistrust of authority that the labels can be exchanged for one another and yet retain the same effect. Across the world, Jews are held responsible for the banking collapse, the decline of White birth-rates, false-flag terrorism, Islamophobia, Black immigration, homosexuality and AIDS. Even when such theories lead to self-contradiction (funding both homosexuality and AIDS?) the pace is maintained. Accuracy is not the point. Accuracy spoils the high of racist thinking.

Hatred of Israel and Zionism are no longer features exclusive to the international Left. The nativist Libertarian movement is also beginning to lose its love for the Jewish State. The Rand/Ron Paul school of insular cowardice views Israel as a whining child sucking the US into pointless wars. They do not countenance the fact that Israel is actually an early-warning system of the most reliable kind.

As Muslims continue to dominate the capital cities of Europe, anti-Zionism is morphing into a centre-ground position here too. Ed Miliband’s Labour Party has declared a willingness to recognise the hallucinatory ‘State of Palestine’, a move with potentially severe existential consequences for our friends in Jerusalem. David Cameron, an allegedly conservative leader, promised to abstain on the vote. UKIP don’t seem to care one way or another.

Outside of the mainstream, the same hatred is growing more elaborate with the passage of time. The most successful anti-Jewish theory of modern times holds that Jews are actively seeking to promote miscegenation (race-mixing) between Whites and non-White peoples in order to lower the IQ of Whites and make them easier to control. The ways they are said to achieve this include the proliferation of interracial pornography (a near-obsession of biological nationalists) and by the normalisation of multiracial society in Hollywood films.

That’s right: Whereas the ‘sheeple’ might deem the inclusion of a black character in an otherwise homogenous sitcom as good-natured political correctness, for anti-Semites, it is a conscious evolutionary strategy: Brainwash White kids into thinking that having a black friend is normal and socially acceptable at school, and thus make it more likely that they will date outside of their race later in life.

I wish I could tell you that these ideas are limited to the Middle-East, but that would be a lie. They are well-established and are being forwarded along the highways and byways of the internet at an ever-increasing pace.

The counter-jihad blogger ‘Cheradenine’ (formerly of IslamVersusEurope) has endorsed the theories of Kevin Macdonald – only a slight refinement of the ideas described above – and now describes Jews as every bit an enemy of the West as Muslims.

There is obviously no evidence for these claims. Anti-Semites inhabit a cartoon world of conspiracy, cigar smoke and invisible ink. The source of their mistrust is most likely an envy of Jewish intelligence and a lack of appetite for learning the details of reality.

But we can never take it for granted that they will remain on the fringes of this increasingly crazy world.