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Even if the horrors of Rotherham – the mass rape of 1400 White girls by Muslim savages – was a one-off phenomenon not replicated outside of the town’s borders, it would still stand as one of the greatest crimes in British history. Standing alone, it would easily outrank the crimes of Jack the Ripper, the Kray Twins, and even the medieval Witch burners in its number of victims and callousness of execution.

Of course, the crimes of Rotherham are in no way limited to that small town. Evidence is quickly mounting that similar waves of rape have afflicted towns, villages and cities the length and breadth of the country. Sprees are rumoured in Greater Manchester, Leicestershire and Birmingham. They are known to have occurred (on an as yet undetermined scale) in Rochdale, Oxfordshire and Burnley.

What will the final figure be? 10,000? 20,000? 100,000? Nobody knows, but one thing becomes clearer with every crime discovered: we are dealing with something altogether unprecedented – something more destructive and harmful to our civic life than Ebola could ever be.

I wrote in a prior post that these rapes amount to war crimes, and I stand by that. The scale demands it. Let’s speculate that the final figure is something like 10,000. That is, 10,000 girls raped for ideological motives by a foreign population. Is that really a matter for the national courts or is it one for the Hague?

I would suggest the latter, given that this figure is not greatly inferior to those from Serbian or Sudanese warzones, both of which are considered provocations of international disrepute. It would also (incidentally) serve our cause greatly to have these crimes designated crimes of war, since that would place the issue in its proper historic context.

Though terror attacks seem to fade from the public brain with ever-increasing speed, Rotherham will take much longer to be forgotten, let alone forgiven. The number of lives ruined chills the blood. Children who should have been skipping along in a haze of innocence were forced to confront the adult world at its absolute worst. Experiences that would scar the imagination of a battle-hardened US Marine were etched by razorblade onto the soft, undeveloped material of infant brains.

I truly hope that some of this countless number grow up to understand why they were so mistreated. I hope that the liberal carwash of education doesn’t convince them that the biggest issue was a ‘failure in social services’ or some comparable nonsense.

If they come to know the truth, they are given the option of pride. There is nothing shameful or weak about falling prey to these creatures. We all have in one way or another. These children are martyrs. Their suffering may yet deliver us.