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It’s been reported today that a plot to kill Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on Remembrance Day has been successfully disrupted by the British secret service.

Radical Muslims linked to ISIS are said to be behind the plot, though no details were given as to how the attack was to play out. It could have been with an explosion or a bullet, or even a knife.

This is obviously shocking news, but seeing as we don’t yet have all of the facts, I won’t offer a lengthy analysis. Better just to speculate on what would likely happen should an attack of that kind come off.

If the Queen of England (and the Commonwealth) was injured or killed by a Muslim terror group, the most perfect of perfect storms would sweep across the cities, towns and villages of England. Mosques would be burned to the ground. Individual believers (and those who look like believers) would be targeted for assault. Calls would go up for the wholesale expulsion of Muslims from the British Isles. The national vote in 2015 would empty itself into fringe parties promising the most severe kinds of retribution. Given their moth-eaten royalism, even the conventional conservatives of rural England would be manhandled into agreement with those currently defamed as extreme. In this irrational spirit of fury, the kind of Monarchism suited to the medieval era would return to a dominant standing.

Prince Charles would probably be forced to reject the throne owing to his public embrace of Muslim ideas in the past, leaving William to become King and Catherine Middleton, Queen.

The Left wouldn’t dare raise a squeak of protest, at least for a few months after the occasion. In every European country facing similar issues, the Right would rise at the Left’s expense.

In short, the whole long, tedious argument about Muslims would finally end. The multiculturalists would be treated as traitors; Patriots would be treated as prophets.

It is our project and our moral imperative (as good subjects) to make sure the argument can be won before such an event occurs.