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The demographic outlook for ethnic Europeans is dire. That much is generally accepted by most academics and politicians today (even if they do not have the courage to mention it).

This process, when it matures, will split the world into two camps; those are approve of White decline, and those who do not. I would guess (though this is not certain) that people in the former camp will be those currently on the Left, and that the latter category will be staffed by those currently on the Right. Of course, many will defect either side of this divide as the process accelerates, and most of the defections will surely be Whites going Right.

In one way, I’m perfectly neutral about racial demographics. The relative increase in Latinos, Blacks and East-Asians is not something that keeps me awake at night. All of these groups are capable of civilisation, and nobody has presented to me a valid argument that they threaten my life or my aspirations.

In another way, though, I wonder if White decline might unleash the forces of chaos.

White supremacy (though it reverberates in the ear as a bad thing) has many happy consequences. Most of all, it provides what I would call a ‘global referee’ to keep intra-minority bigotries in check.

It’s fair to speculate that if the White race disappeared in a puff of smoke, the global measure of racism would increase, not decrease. Without a universal standard of civilisation, and without the liberal White attitude to ethnic difference, many festering rivalries would explode into life.

lot of minority folk pretend to eschew racism purely because they want to conform to White standards. But if these standards disappeared, terrible emotions would surely burst out of their restraints.

Chinese would turn on Japanese and vice versa. Mexicans would turn on African-Americans and vice versa. Kurds would turn on Turks and vice versa. Persians would turn on Arabs and vice versa. Japanese would turn on Koreans and vice versa. Dark-skinned Indians would turn on light-skinned Indians and vice versa. Mixed race people would turn on Blacks and vice versa. You get the point…

We would do well to remember that White civilisation was not just the author of slavery, the Holocaust and segregation, but also the first (and as yet only) civilisation to embrace the attitudes of liberalism.

No other culture the world over declares race to be insignificant. The Chinese President doesn’t attend equality seminars with Black Africans. Japanese TV hosts do not lose their jobs for saying the wrong ethnic signifier. These are quirks exclusive to the West and to the White peoples.

Food for thought.