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The day I begin writing this post has seen armed metropolitan police storming properties in West London (not more than 15 minutes tube journey from my house). Those resident there are said to have been planning the opening act in the terror wave against European targets that is almost sure to arrive in revenge for EU involvement in the war against IS.

The area (Ladbroke Grove) is familiar to me. I was walking around those streets the other weekend. Who knows, I may have brushed against the budding militants as I strode about, happy in my ignorance that this part of London is now a haven for violent cavemen.

I predicted some weeks ago that a terror wave will soon blaze across Europe, targeting mostly capitals and dense population centres. I’m afraid that prediction has only been strengthened by these arrests. The police have done a heroic service by preventing this attack, but another attempt is inevitable. Such is the risk of the age. No Londoner can be sure, as we rock back and forward on the subway train, that our carriages will not dissolve into fresh blood and white fire.  

Nevertheless, I can take this occasion to remind the scum who plot to shed my blood and that of my neighbours; we are not afraid of you. This beautiful city, this thousand-ringed tree of history decorated with sparkling merit, shall expel you as soon as it finds a singular voice. And that is only a matter of time…