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As I’ve said previously, although I don’t have a solid political affiliation, I would gladly align with any movement capable of both preventing Islamisation and at the same time upholding the virtues of European liberality.

This might well seem like something of a tall order. Many (if not most) parties professing the will to resist Islam also profess the will to resist secularism, Jews, individuality and sometimes even democracy. For all his virtues, even Geert Wilders has made some very smelly alliances with the Dutch ethnic right. Marine Le Pen is known to schmooze with those who doubt the facticity of the Holocaust. In both (and many other) cases, the apple has an attractive skin, but is sour inside.

But people like myself, even if we lack representation now, once did have a champion. His name was Pim Fortuyn.

A noted iconoclast, Pim Fortuyn managed in his truncated career to confuse the intellectual establishment like no other other modern politician. He was the first political leader to oppose Islam for entirely liberal reasons. And this naturally made him dangerous.

When Nick Griffin (or his faceless successor) criticise Islam; the liberal elite have no trouble dismissing their claims by associating them with the other claims they have made.

Griffin might speak sense on Islam, but he speaks (or has spoken) garbage on the Second World War. This self-cancelling poise is repeated across the continental far-right.

Fortuyn by-contrast was a classical liberal. He was also (and this is important) a nice, friendly, charming man. Unlike many others on the far-right, he made no secret of his homosexuality and fought consistently for a cosmopolitan morality. Indeed, he used this minority status to justify his politics:

I don’t hate Islam.” he said in a much-referenced 2002 interview “I consider it a backward culture. I have travelled much in the world. And wherever Islam rules, it’s just terrible. All the hypocrisy. It’s a bit like those old reformed protestants. The Reformed lie all the time. And why is that? Because they have standards and values that are so high that you can’t humanly maintain them. You also see that in that Muslim culture. Then look at the Netherlands. In what country could an electoral leader of such a large movement as mine be openly homosexual? How wonderful that that’s possible. That’s something that one can be proud of. And I’d like to keep it that way, thank you very much.”

How could (or can) a Leftist, a self-proclaimed ‘liberal’ take issue with that?

They can’t, and so every argument deployed against Fortuyn from the Dutch left rang hollow. His party ‘The Pim Fortuyn List’ was enjoying a rapid increase in support at the time of his assassination.

That’s right – in case you didn’t know – Pim Fortuyn was assassinated. The killer was a Leftist who (in his own words) disliked the ‘victimisation’ of Muslims.

In reality, the murder reflected the impossibility of refuting Fortuyn’s arguments from a Left-wing direction.

There are many ways of confronting Islam. Most of the options currently suggested are either self-destructive, ineffectual or regressive. But we are a great civilisation, capable of producing a better answer to the Islamic conquest. I know that because the answer once lived.