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Just a brief note to mark the passing of a milestone for this blog. WordPress informs me that I have now published over 200 articles. That figure surprised me a little. I had assumed the count was closer to 150. It’s obviously been a more productive year than I realised.

I began this site just over two and half years ago, largely on a whim. My first posts attracted an audience of about zero. I’ll always be grateful to Pamela Geller for changing that virtually overnight by kindly sharing my work on her website. Since then I’ve received additional support from GatesofVienna, BareNakedIslam, the English Defence League, LibertyGB, Enza Ferreri, New English Review, the Theo Dalrymple Forum and various other websites. I’m forever grateful to all.

The name I chose for this blog (if you’re interested) derives from a book I was reading at the time of its conception – ‘Revolt Against the Modern World’ by the esoteric philosopher Julius Evola. In that book, Evola (often regarded as a fascist sympathiser) attempts to make the case for a rollback of the industrial age and a return to ancient spirituality. Needless to say, I strongly disagreed with his sentiment and so a statement to the contrary – ‘Defend the Modern World’  – seemed quite logical for my mood and purposes.

The modern world I suggest we defend is under grave threat from many quarters. Islam is its most immediate and obvious adversary, but it isn’t the only one. There is a serious and very dangerous decline ongoing in the West. Morality, literacy and national awareness are all becoming fainter. Anti-Semitic and anti-American conspiracy theories are booming in their place.

A pushback is sorely needed against all this. Not a racist, or fanatically religious one. That would just substitute foreign problems with indigenous ones. Rather, we need a movement that can uphold liberal principles while making war on any element which threatens them. Everything I write is an effort to make that kind of movement more likely.