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Those who believed Islamic State was a threat exclusive to the Middle East now have occasion to revise their opinions.

Intelligence agencies and government ministries across the West are warning of a direct threat to Europe and America from ISIS operatives. This morning it was also reported that photographs have been published on twitter featuring ISIS sympathisers standing beside American landmarks including the White House. While it is impossible to know whether these images are doctored, the ambition they portray is surely authentic.

An Islamic State is not a bear-trap, its cruelties barbed inward against its own population but leaving the external world at peace. The idea of a new Caliphate is to provide a united Islamic world, strengthened in numbers and wealth in order to project superpower onto those it has long defamed as ‘aggressors’; most notably Israel, the United States and Britain.

ISIS may already have the ability to launch strikes against our civil society. Its position next to the traditional transit route of Turkey gives it a portal to Europe, and its international recruits (and their paperwork) provide easy access to places like Australia and the United States.

Before the images mentioned above were published, David Blair, the Telegraph’s Middle East correspondent wrote the following:

“(With) the inflow of volunteers carrying European passports, including some from Britain, and with his control of territory and almost limitless resources, Baghdadi (The ‘Caliph’ of Islamic State) has a real opportunity to attempt to strike the West. Put simply, his goals are about to become clear. Either he will be content with suffocating his new domain, or he will lash out and seek to damage ours. There is every reason to suspect that he is capable of the latter. All that remains in question is his intent.”

While America therefore has sufficient reason to feel uneasy about ISIS, we in Europe should rightly be terrified. It would take very little planning for ISIS to launch a campaign of violence against this continent, and I strongly believe that is what is going to come about. As our militaries engage more directly against Islamic State targets in Northern Iraq, reprisals are almost certain to come, and quickly.

I don’t mean 9/11 style attacks. I mean something bigger and more professional. Unlike al-Qaeda, ISIS is a modern military with sophisticated lines of communication and countless foreign recruits at its command. There are ISIS contacts from Portsmouth to Paris, Malmo to Madrid. Be prepared for co-ordinated operations in many European capitals. London is particularly vulnerable given the large number of ‘Brits’ departing for Syria every week. Indeed, David Cameron has spoken today of the risk to British streets. Perhaps even our elites are waking up to what is coming.

Note that the initiators of the wave won’t all be Pakistani or Arabic men. There has been talk of black, Malaysian and White Norwegian fighters heading back and forth from the region, as well as countless females. This will be altogether new. Symptomatic of Islamism’s evolution from amateur to pro.

How should we feel then? Part of me dreads the coming terror wave. It will be chaotic and expensive in blood. Another part of me feels strangely excited. This is a time for heroes. We will all need to find the man in us (and yes, feminazi, I said MAN). Let battle be joined. We cannot co-exist with cave-men.