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As I write, the United States Air Force has commenced bombing ISIS positions in Iraq. I wish them every success in this mission, but at the same time, an irony must be noted. The people currently fleeing US missiles are the same people previously mobilised (surreptitiously) by the US in Syria.

And it seems that Bashar al-Assad, far from the irrational monster portrayed in the Western media, has been quite rationally trying to secure Syria’s civil society from one of the worst incarnations of Islam for over a hundred years.

American foreign policy under Obama has become so hopelessly confused that definitions of ‘enemy’ and ‘friend’ coalesce like seawater and sand; blending and separating, blending and separating…

At this point, those of us who cautioned against the bolstering of Syrian Jihadists could well enjoy a tall, ice-cold glass of ‘I told-you so’. That however would not do justice to the gravity of the situation in Iraq.

ISIS (or whatever they have since rebranded themselves) are the purest evil; the sheerest malevolence. They must be destroyed as quickly as possible. Airstrikes are imperfect but welcome. Ideal would be boots on the ground and mass arrests, but this remains a distant prospect.

I suppose one good thing that could come out of the Islamic State bloodbath is that it may force moral-minded Muslims to question their faith. That’s a never a bad thing. In the meantime, our hearts should be with the Yazidi, and with the USAF pilots boldly securing their survival. Let’s also remember the Christians still under siege by the same demonic force. On this last subject, the telegraph yesterday carried a particularly powerful cartoon. In case you missed it, it’s reproduced below:


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