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Another schoolboy sick-note I’m afraid, this time to say I’m in Korea at the moment.

I shall post on Korea when I get back this week. For now, I’ll just say it really is a fascinating country.

The perennial war between Hamas regression and Jewish modernity is in the headlines even here. I believe that most South Koreans have a bias towards friendship with the Jews (a lot of Korean military equipment is manufactured or maintained by Israel), and so none of the disgraceful Eurabian protests currently holding up traffic in London seem viable here.

The Korean people I’ve encountered so far are calm, orderly and friendly. Sometimes they are very friendly. After informing a shopkeeper of my English nationality, I was given a discount on my shopping.

True to stereotype, everyday technology here is wildly superior to the West. The air-conditioning, broadband and intercom in this apartment all seem space-age by comparison.

It is also absurdly safe. One can very easily wander down a street at night speaking into a smartphone (try doing that in South London). I haven’t seen a single Muslim or Mosque.

Anyway, an extended post on the West vs Asia once the jet-lag subsides.

As ever, I’m honoured by your attention (whether critical or friendly).

David. Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea.