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In my post ‘How I Became Islamophobic’, I described how catalytic my first year at University proved in my transformation from daydreaming liberal to hardened bigot. Although that post was quite long enough, there are still unmentioned stories worth sharing for anyone who is interested, and one in particular has recently come to mind.

In ‘Muslim Social Terrorism’, I noted that immaturity (sexual, social and intellectual) is a dominant trait among Western Muslims. To that we must now add a uniquely toxic kind of social jealousy. The following story will give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

After being allocated a place in a mixed British/Pakistani halls of residence on arrival to University, myself and the other non-Muslims were naturally expected to ingratiate ourselves with our new cohabitants. On the second weekend (in-between freshers week and the start of the academic year) I made the mistake of going out with a group from my block to a local pub. Altogether, there were five of us. One of our group (newly arrived) was Muslim (of youguesseditani heritage).

This guy – we’ll call him Abdul – spoke with a London accent, and seemed to believe himself little different to the rest of us. He was confident, loud and – though unwilling to consume alcohol himself – very relaxed about being around people who did. One of our number incidentally was female, and right from the start Abdul displayed towards her that nervous silliness I have since found to be broadly typical.

At the pub, with our group seated in a relaxed circle, the stupidity of the adventure rushed to manifest itself. Abdul, with no exaggeration, was one of the most annoying, thick-headed and dysfunctional people I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. In fact, if you want a single, living catalyst for my de-liberalisation, he was/is it.

Whenever the topic of conversation switched to anything cerebral, Abdul was visibly agitated and initially tried to refresh-at-zero with a deep breath or an “anyway…”. Whenever we talked about music, art, comedy or indeed anything with which he wasn’t familiar, he shot horrible looks at whoever initiated the topic. At one point I heard him threaten a particularly talkative fellow under his breath.

Another boy in our group was of Asian descent (a Hindu but secular) and the Muslim seemed to take a special interest in shooting this fellow’s comments down. When this chap remarked that he liked a band or TV programme that others present enjoyed, the Muslim (despite not knowing this guy at all) broke in by saying “No you don’t.” or “Don’t lie to them” (‘them’ seemingly being the White people present). Bravely the Hindu managed to ingratiate himself despite this, and the Muslim was sidelined.

Throughout the year I met dozens of students who had experienced this with the same gentleman as well as with other Muslims local to my halls. Every time it was the same story. A Muslim was alone in a group of friendly non-Muslims (almost always forced together by allocation of residence) and could not abide the conversation being turned away from the most base topics such as toilet humour (without irony), misogyny, or homophobia (especially homophobia). In each situation, they reacted in a uniform way whenever they sensed another male displaying a more advanced personality, especially towards a female.

According to a friend who studied Physics & Planetary Science, a minority of Muslims in his class were particularly disruptive. He reported that when a native boy seemed to be getting on with a native girl in seminar or in lectures, a number of Muslim boys would panic and try to put the female off, either by accusing the guy of being gay, a racist, or even of being married. As this went on, there were reported instances of non-Muslim students being pushed too far and attacking the Muslims who were actively preventing them forming social ties. By then, it had become obvious to the sensible that the Muslims were so socially undeveloped they were trying to force others to conceal their personality – or at least keep it on a low par with their own – lest they become too clearly isolated.

I’m glad to say that most refused to be cowed in this way, but many still suffered great disruption to their study. Some had to leave worthwhile courses which attracted large numbers of Muslim students such as science and business, and switch to useless subjects like media and photography in order to be segregated with normatively developed students. Those (I know for certain of only one, but more were reported to me) who physically attacked the Muslim pests were forced to leave the university and were often unable to find a place at another.

The moral of this story is that healthy social development (and thereafter correct social functioning) is impossible for a people raised to be different to everyone else. From the moment of birth, Western Muslims are raised to be incompatible with the culture they will have to live in. The fallout from this is as natural, and increasingly as common, as the English rain.